CillaCritic is not just any website it is the website. This is an entertainment website that deals on giving valid professional music, events, fashion and movies reviews. In other words we describe entertainment and fashion products just the way a consumer will appreciate it then we give a professional analysis to it. Depending on how good the works are, we could give a positive or a negative review. This does not mean that a negative review is bad because we believe that if an entertainment work shows up on this website then it is good.

Our Life section dives into the lives of people (especially entertainment personalities) both from past and present; picking and analyzing their principles, production process and mistakes. We make them available to our esteemed readers to read and learn from them since they may never get to meet them one on one. It is like our Mentor-ship category  and we never will involve our self in cheap gossip of any star we talk about.

How does an upcoming artist, actor, music producer, movie producer, fashion designer, event planner and general public benefit; you may want to ask. Here at cillacritic we know the problems new entertainment and fashion act have in terms of publicity. So we can help you promote your works, listen or watch your production during it’s making and offer you real advice on weather to improve or publish like it like that. Although we might charge very small amount of money to do that; We sure don’t give prices that will scare you away because the founder of cillacritic has gone through the process of being kicked out using huge price tags.

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