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Niniola Colours and Sounds Album Review

Niniola is one of Nigerian biggest female artist and could arguably be said to be just behind Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade and Simi. Having a lot of fans in Nigeria and South Africa have built her as a force in the industry and her album is relatively okay. For her fans and the lovers of Afrohouse music which is majorly a South African sound, she may just have produced the best album of the year. While for others it might just be another album in 2020

 One notable feature of the album is the lyrical theme.  The message of the album which is dominated by beats from Kel-P and his Mentor Sarz are more of erotic love music. Niniola sings about various erotic and love moments with her partner. She created songs that would make for good soul or rhythm and blues. The only difference is that she makes it in two popular Afropop sound. Working with Kel-P, she made songs that are more of Afro-fusion giving most of her songs a lot of African bongos and strings. That can be heard in the song that she featured Sauti Sol. On the other hand, she created her regular Afro- House with Sarz making use of the fast shakers and triangle instruments sounds to her advantage.

In summary, this album may not blow up the roof but it will gradually become a regular jam. That is how Niniola’s songs have always behaved in the market.  And this might follow same part.


The album is a collection of love music made a blend of afropop beats. Teaming with some African finest and veteran American producer: Timberland she created some really good records. In the first song of the album, Niniola teams up with Nonso Amadi to create a song titled:” Night and Day”. The song is all about professing one’s love to his/her partner. Niniola sings about dancing with her lover all through day and night.

Teaming with keyan boy band: Sauti Sol, Niniola created a song titled “so so serious”. The song talks about a lady who is been convinced to leave her man. The Sauti Sol band sings as the guy asking the lady to leave her boyfriend and go with him. He tells her that being with her is very serious issue to him. Claiming that he loves her and places her in high esteem, he tells her that she should please accept his offer and leave her man for him.

 “Boda Sodiq” is a song which have previously been released as a single. It sheds light on certain Brother Sodiq who wanted to take advantage of a young lady who came on an errand at his place. Niniola uses the song to ask him what he did in his quarters when she visited.

Working with American producer and rapper: Timberland as her hype man, she created a song titled “Fire”.  “Fire” could become one of the best songs on this album because of the way the song rhymes. It talks about accepting the sweet rough loving of her man. According to Niniola, she tells her man not to be scared or critical about the way he handles her body. She tells him not to leave her lonely but should unleash his fire on her.

 Teaming up with AfroB in a song titled “My Body”. In the Afropop ponpon beat, Niniola talks about hugging and having sex with her lover under a rainy weather. Claiming that she will not play hard to get, she tell her lover to slide into her body and feel good. AfroB who sings from the perspective of her lover tells her that he is available and will make her feel right.

Employing the horns of Femi Kuti, she makes a song for lover in London who plans to come see her in Nigeria. The song which is titled “Fantasy” is a song she uses to call this lover of hers, her fantasy. She finishes the song by telling him to come and fulfill her fantasy for her.

Niniola switches her lyrics in a song titled “Look like me”. She sings basically to fans and claims that even though her fans want to look, act, dance, behave and have the kind of life that she has; she claims that she who owns the life and looks does not want to look like herself. She finishes off the song by also declaring that even though she does not want to look like herself that she does not want to look like another person either. 


“So Serious”, “Fire” and all the songs previously released as singles could become street hit if well promoted. Colors and Sounds is not a flop album but it could become boring when played over time.

Niniola Colours and Sounds Album Review

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