Corona Virus, the new superstar of this era has forced every artist into hiding. Nobody wants to get sick or die. Situations like this shows the passion of people for their work. Especially for people who are into creative arts like music and visual arts. Peruzzi whose real name is Tobechukwu Victor Okoh became the third high profile artist in Nigeria to have taken advantage of the Lockdown to release a song. In an extended play of three songs, Peruzzi releases a weird romance songs. Just like a pill for lovers who are not into ballad or soul, Peruzzi provide an Afropop EP. These songs are songs from the shelf; obliviously they are not songs that will be promoted with a high budget, it will however be consumed by people who are just waiting for musical distraction.

Peruzzi brought his high RnB depth into the group and wrote songs that will now be on the playlist of people who just want to have a one night stand. In this EP, Peruzzi does not change his style of delivery but only the lyrics.


Peruzzi is uses this EP to create a playlist that people looking for hook up only will vibe to. In some very nice lyrics, he talks about romantic relationships in a different perspective. He paints pictures lyrically from the perspective of a guy looking for hookup. “D side” is an invitational song Peruzzi makes to a lady. Perruzi asks a lady he is trying to make love to, if she will love to come to his place for the weekend. He claims that he will make love to her in different way that will make her decide if she feels his groove. He however states that he will allow her decide if she will like to hookup.

“Show working” is a song that talks about a date night that is about going soar. The song talks about a girl who was taken out by a guy with hope of taking her home. This set girl ends up trying to pour cold water on the guys drive by giving him as vague reply: “e go be” which means it will be . The guy comes out of his closet detailing what he had spent on her and on food to create an exciting evening. Appreciating her body and looks, he tells her to show work for him. He tells her to get down for him and not waste the money they have spent building the energy of the night.

The final song in the EP titled “Reason” feature an artist called “Not3s”. This is a song that has Peruzzi and Not3s ask a lady to go down for either of them. In their words, they ask the lady to give them a reason why she has refused to get down for them. They alleged that the sign and signals the lady gave them was clear enough to understand that she is in love. Peruzzi tells her to Never mind what people are going to say about her if she agrees to have a one night stand. He promises her that it will not cost her nothing to just get down with him for just one night.


These songs are highly influenced by RnB vibes. The last track on this album is influenced by songs released in early 2000s. The other two songs are slightly influenced by Afropop elements such as pon pon hi-hats in “D side” and Fuji percussion lines in “show working”. Also lyrically, the structuring of the vocals are highly influenced by RnB vibes. This also affected the engineering of the album.


All the songs have the possibility of becoming hits depending on the promotion.

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