“The proper decision to become a fashion designer was birthed when I was in 400Lvl. I didn’t get a good place for my IT (industrial training) quickly. I didn’t want the time to just go by, so I ventured in fashion Design”.

Olanrewaju Akinsiku

Sevunteen Tailored

Fashion Design in Nigeria is one of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria just behind entertainment. Just like entertainment have been putting Nigerian on the map, fashion has gradually been putting Nigeria on the map. With some of Nigerian’s finest designers being talked about in the UK and United States, Nigeria could become the new hub of fashion in the coming years.

For any industry to achieve sustainable growth, there has to be a trans-generational movement in the popularity and productivity of that industry. Mai Atafo, Mudi, EAT, Daola Saoge and other well-known designers are not going to be there forever hence a brand like Sevunteen Tailored is a brand to be talked about. In an interview with the founder of Sevunteen Tailored, he detailed out when he made up his mind to become a fashion designer. According to him:

Olanrewaju Akinsiku (Founder and Lead Designer Sevunteen Tailored)

Founded by a project management graduate of Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA); this brand has in a space of four and a half years metamorphosed into one of the fastest growing brands in Nigeria. Olanrewaju Akinsiku who doubles as the founder and the lead designer of Sevunteen Tailored have over these years of industrial infancy built their business in delivering clean and classy stitches for the male folks out there.

Still very much in the infancy stage, Olanrewaju who just opened the new Sevunteen Tailored Showroom to the public; thrives to provide quality clothes and footwear to the public. This is a place where proposed wedding grooms could go and have their wedding suits uniquely tailored. When asked what their design focus was, he talked about his love for weddings and how it has driven him to become a suit designer. So for a man getting ready to marry or a cooperate man trying to look different and classy amongst his mate, Olanrewaju’s suits is what you should get.

Adding to his bespoke suit designs, Sevunteen Tailored also designs Nigerian wears such as Kaftans and different variety of Senator wears. Armed with wool as their most preferred fabric; and grey as their most preferred colour, separates themselves from other designs just like Guo Pei does with Red silky fabrics. Although they to suit clients requirements, Olanrewaju and his Team of designers set themselves apart with their unique use of colours and fabrics.

As a brand that seek to be better in the future, Olanrewaju and his team are not just a cloth designing company but also a foot wear design company. Working on slides and Sandals, Sevunteen Tailored is gradually building a company which will provide the best easy footwear in the future. For contact please click the links below or visit the address.

Sevunteen Tailored

4 Oguntade Street, Off Lagos Abeokuta Express Way, iIe Epo Bus Stop, Iyana Ipaja. Lagos State, Nigeria

Sevunteen Tailored

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