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Tekno PuTTin Review

Tekno has proven that he is a good musician/producer but people have not been really taking him serious. The Pana crooner who has for long adopted a plan to only release singles have gradually started loosing relevance. Tekno has released at least three single this year but he has not gotten the world dancing like he did with Duro and Pana. We could argue that his reduced relevance is to the fact that he has refused to release an album or extended play project.

Musician who produce a Long playlist (Album) or an extended playlist (EP) are usually taken more serious than those who hawks only one song like an orange vendor in Lagos Nigeria. Although he makes more money with singles, if he wants to be taken serious, he has to create an album. With the help of Universal music, he could sell his album in all parts of the world. Tekno is long overdue for and album. He should stop wasting good music as singles.

Tekno is no doubt a hit maker and can also be said to be a good story teller. From rara when he discussed the issues facing Nigeria, Tekno has always been able to tell his stories in groovy beats. The ponpon beat music guru released a song that is X-rated but is worth listening to. The beat which is a mid-tempo ponpon sound has Tekno singing about a scenario that occurred between him and his lover. As usual Tekno uses an irrelevant phrase or word (PuTTin) to give that Afropop groove to it. PuTTin is a real club banger and can get everybody dancing. And electronic rhythmic guitar could get you singing along with the notes.


The song is about a man detailing what transpired between him and his lover. Tekno who sings from the perspective of the man who was confronted by his lady details what happened between him and his lover. Opening the song Tekno paints a picture of him having a much tensed argument with his lover. According to him, his lover was accusing him of sleeping with commercial sex workers. Tekno vehemently denies this allegation in a melodious tune.

Getting worked up by the accusation Tekno begins to get angry and losing his cool. In response to his denial and angry response, his lover asks him why he was acting like a gangster. Tekno tries to explain and affirm the fact that he has never had anything to do with a commercial sex worker. In a bid to stop him from going on with his lies, she breaks the table of the issue.

According to his lover, she claims to have caught Tekno red handed having sexual intercourse with a sex worker. Tekno who tries to look for ways out of this blown issue, tries to explain over a call. In his defense, he claims that he is always around his home hustling with his music. According to him, he is always around people which includes women but claims that he has never had anything to do with a sex worker.

Tekno PuTTin Review

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