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24kgoldn Mood Review

When songs cross the border and gets to us in Africa then it must have been a mega hit in America or Europe. We have had the privilege of being acquainted with their previous projects but in the case of “Mood”; the two names were relatively unknown. On first listen it was a clear mixture of emo-Rap, Trap and the singing qualities of Juice Wrld. But when we dug deep it was discovered that he is a 20year old rapper from California by the stage name: 24kgoldn.  24kgoldn whose real name is Golden Landis Von Jones may just be 20years old but in recent weeks have been rocking the Billboard hot 100 charts. And this song which he features Iann Dior is just blazing.


The song was sang on a beat made with a blend of funk and Trap elements. The percussion was created using a mix of different drum sounds to give it a real funk/trap beat feel. For example the hats used are trap hats while the snare is a regular drum snare that is synonymous with funk music. Also the kick drum was created with a usual hiphop hard kick which creates a bump for the beat.

In terms of Rhythm, the lead tune of the song was played with a colourful lead electronic guitar. This is accompanied by a base guitar just the way a traditional funk music beat will go. This allows the song to feel and sound groovy.


The song is about two lover who obviously love each other but are not compactable. The song opens up with the chorus and it’s was a question to his lover. He asks her why she is always in the mood for a disagreement and quarrel. He tells her that she always behaves like a new girlfriend when she has been in a relationship with him for a while. Stating that he was not ready to compel her to do what she does not want to do, he reminds her that he was not ready to play by her rules. He finishes off by claiming that he likes his freedom because everything looks better with the view.

Iann Dior (24kgoldn Mood Review)

Iann Dior who takes the first verse uses a blend of emo-rap and singing to let this fictional lady of his know the situation they were in. According to him, he was not always the type to get attached to his lover. Declaring that he was not her father, he lets her know that he did not get into a relationship to take care of her like her father does.

He states that all he wants is companionship and not a serious relationship like his girlfriend was asking for.  Acknowledging that his girlfriend seeks more than what he was giving, he states that his lack of attention has always triggered bad mood and argument between them. He however states that they have been going over their bad mood situation over again and declares that he was not ready for a new drama.

The second verse has 24kgoldn uses his verse to tell his lover that they may not be compactable because of the way their love stories have been going. In his words he claims that he has always been trying to make their relationship work. Claiming that when they have issues that he always called her up to sort out things but have always been cut of her. Declaring that he never allows anybody to treat him the way she does him, he tells her that he was done with her drama. He finishes off by stating that he was okay before he met her therefore he was not ready for the unhealthy relationship.  

24kgoldn Mood Review

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