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Looking through social media space amid the Corona virus era, one can attest to the fact that the world has been humbled. Great and powerful nation have been made to hide their faces to a glorified flu. In situations like this life plans shatter, dreams crumble, business burn down but not of flame but of lack of activities; and aspirations are put on hold. Also hunger, crime and hatred is spread among individuals groups and nations within this era. All the aforementioned scenario are all negative events. And are events that people go to churches and mosque to pray against. However with some issues popping up in the news, one can assume that to some people, it is blessing in disguise.

After reading the first paragraph, you may ask what this writer is talking about. What I am talking about is the recent decision by countries to de-congest prisons. Corona virus is a deadly disease which does not discriminate between the poor and the rich or the guilty or non-guilty. It does not care if you are a prisoner or a free man. The implication of this is that just as a man walking free in Time square New York city can contact the virus, so also a person locked away in any of penitentiaries in the world can get infected. Due to this reason, the United States of America and some other nations like Nigeria are planning a mass decongestion of prisons.

One of the popular names that comes to mind as regards this plan is Daniel Hernandez also known as 6ix9ine. 6ix9ine was convicted last year for gun crimes. Although he took a plea with the district authorities in America, he was however supposed to serve a term till later 2020. According to, 6ix9ine has been listed as one of those freed. With the governments of the world looking at freeing up the prison, individuals like 6ix9ine are all being freed. According to the authorities, inmates who are awaiting parole and are almost down with their sentence are all being considered. This is a big positive news that is coming because of the corona virus pandemic.

6ix9ine must be feeling really happy now.

Although these set of individuals in prisons are convicted felons, one cannot erase the fact that they are human. And every human has a right to freedom and life. Therefore freeing some prisoners may have just become morally right at this moment. And this makes Corona Virus a positive Knight in shining armor at this stage. Governments around the world have been drawing up modalities on the criteria to use when listing those to be freed. And when they are done, they will release a group of persons to go and live their life and fight the virus themselves in their homes.

When one puts his or her self in the shoes of those who are looked up in prisons around the world for crimes they could have avoided, what will be the reaction. Unlike people who are free and scared of the virus, theirs will be a feeling of happiness and joy. Because the major problem before them is that of chains and not that of chest pains and inability to breath. It is a problem of poor food and not that of needing ventilators. It is that of being locked up or being helpless and not hoarding of supplies. It is actually a problem of bars and not face mask.

As the world have been held captive by the giant of diseases called corona virus, it might look like there is no positives to take from it. But the truth is that in times like this validates the general saying of: “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” is validated. This is because just before freed prisoners go out to face the possibility of getting sick outside, they are first of all freed from captivity.

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