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6pc Hot EP Review: Not same fire but same power lyrics

6lack 6pc Hot EP Review

6lack made a global name for himself when he released the East Atlanta Love letter album. It was the best mix of soul music and Hiphop that the world has ever heard in recent times. Long story short, 6lack killed the tracks with good mastered beats and vocals. Most of the songs are already classics because of the message and delivery.


The EP is themed on the general life, struggles and beliefs of 6lack. From the first song to the last song, 6lack talks about his life and how he has evolved over the years. In the first song titled “ATL freestyle”, he sings about getting messed up because of the hood he came out from. Claiming that he was exposed to the wrong bunch, he states that he was at a time of his life living a rough life. Stating that his recent goal in life has been evolving from being a rough man to a responsible man, he claims he spends most of his time hustling. He finishes up by claiming that he is hustling to give his daughter vacations he never heard.

Coming to this new extended play album, one could argue that it does not have same fire like the main album. This is because for a first listener, he or she may find it hard figuring out his stories. Either way, the songs are interesting songs with good trap flow.

The second song titled “Long Nights” has 6lack sing about spending a night with his lady. Opening up the song by stating that he has both good and bad side. He claims that it is the side of him that the lady wants that she will experience. However, he claims that he was just hoping they could have a good time enjoying each other’s company. “Float” is a song that he uses to talk about his relationship that is almost hitting rock bottom. According to him he has been trying to stay afloat in the relationship. He sings about being underappreciated by his partner, hence he begs her to help him turn the state of the relationship.

# 6lack 6pc Hot EP Review

Working with Lil Baby they made a song titled “Know my Rights”. 6lack sings about how he has been through the rough patches of life. Claiming that he does not need any schooling and unnecessary dictations, he claims to have fought the fight, rolled the dice of life, gambled with his life and paid the price. Furthermore he claims to have been exposed to the battle field of life taking no advice and knows his wrongs and rights.

“Elephant in the room” has 6lack sing about egos in a relationship by terming the issues caused by ego as an elephant in the room. Singing about the issues he has in his relationship: which is choosing between his carrier in music and his lover, he claims making him choose will definitely hurt his partner. He declares that it was time to address the issues (elephant in the room) head on.

The last song in the EP is titled “Outside”. The song talks about longing to go outside to have fun with his lover. Claiming that he can’t wait for the corona virus lockdown to be over, to spend some quality time with his lover outside. In summary, 6lack makes song with good lyrical depth and sweet trap flows.


Songs made by 6lack are characterized by very clear vocals and well sequence trap beats. He does not disappoint with this album. He also adds a tweak in the song titled “Elephant in the Room” with detuned keys dominating the beat. Sticking to his usual 32bars of two 16bars verses, he created another collect of RnB songs with high trap music influence.


Three songs stand out from this album and they are “Know my Rights” and “ALT freestyle” and “Elephant in the room”. They are songs that one can put on replay.

Hope you found 6lack 6pc Hot EP Review informative, please leave a comment below.


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