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Jidenna Theodore Mobisson is one Nigerian American who has always showed his love for his countries of heritage. 85 to Africa is an Album which shows a sweet chemistry between African and American music. Jidenna created an album which creates a playlist that a typical American hiphop and RnB lover will jam while sliding into Afropop grove without knowing when it happened. He creates a marriage of Hiphop and Afropop. 85 to African is an album which showcases trap music, Afrobeats and some other Afropop sound like Bamku and ponopn sounds. Jidenna obviously did some courses on Nigerian music because he created some of the best vocals just like a typical Nigerian musician will do.

Jidenna came to the attention of cillacritic when in featured “yoga” and “classic Man”. He defined himself and the type of music he makes with these songs. He made the world understand that he can sing and Rap. He is one of few musicians who have been able to balance.



85 to Africa is a ladies album because of the percentage of songs dedicated to women.  The album talks about ladies in different light. He talks about how a man is supposed to treat a lady and how a lady is supposed to behave to a man. In “The other half” Jidenna explains why marriages are breaking up. Featuring Beauty and Mereba he explains that women of these age are not submissive and men have too much ego. Hence homes have become a place where domestic violence thrives. He admonishes men to be better men and stop claiming to have inherited hot tempers from their fathers. “Jungle Fever” had Jidenna gives the world a little history of his life. He talks about his father falling in love with his mother while his country was at war.

“Sufi Woman” which is my personal best is a song, talks about a lady who used voodoo on Jidenna. He explains that the woman cast a spell on him making him to become her love slave. He claims that the woman has made him like a child cuddling in her bosom. He however tells the lady that he will eventually be free from the spell because there is a God above. In the song titled “Zodi” he talks about how people misses the love they have been waiting for. Featuring Nigerian Afropop artist: Mr. Eazi; they ask a lady who has refused to accept the relationship why she is too blind to love. They ask these question in a very sweet Afropop sound.

Adding a few song which are not love and women related; Jidenna sings about money and human rights. In the song titled “Sou Sou”, he talks about working and saving up money like “Sou Sou” which is stylized word for Osu-Osu in Igbo language; means collective savings. In another song titled “Worth the weight” and “85 to Africa” Jidenna talks about oppression of the blacks by the whites and the reforms in America.



I have always been a good lover of Jidenna’s songs because of the superior production strength. The mastering of his song are just great. His use of Bass Kicks in his Trap sounds just puts me in a dance zone. “Tribe” and “Sou Sou” has the best trap beat in this album. Although I have a level of bias for the Afropop sounds in this album; I must say that the Trap beats was off the hook.

Nana Kwabena’s works on the Afropop was pretty good. He produced the beats like any other Nigerian producer will do. Vaporizer, Sufi Woman and Zodi are some very good Afropop song that will sell well in Nigeria. His ability to mix poppon beat and Afrobeat to create on Afropop song has given me a new perspective of production.


Possible Hits and Flop

All the song on the Album have what it takes to become a hit. But Sou Sou, Sufi Woman, Zodi, Jungle Fever and Tribe have the greenest possibility of becoming mega hits. Jidenna made some very good songs and will most likely go platinum provided he promotes well.

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