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Read the review of A tip of the Iceberg Album while listening to the tracks below

9ice, one of the touch bearers of modern Nigeria musical movement has remained relevant. From hit songs to controversies and then politics, the self-acclaimed “Adigun” and “Ancestor” has just kept himself in the music space. A seasoned music maker, 9ice has always stock to his Fuji influenced Afropop sound and has found a way to outlive people he came in to the game with. With his Yoruba vocal signature and crackly voice, 9ice is known Nationwide by music lovers. This new album of his titled “A tip of the iceberg”; is a project that will relatively be a hit especially to people who understand Yoruba. There are songs that could turn up a party. There are songs that one can just sit and enjoy the stories in the songs. And there are songs that can make someone think deep about one’s actions in life. This is a perfect mix of stories, advice and party jams.


The Album is centered on life generally. One cannot say this album is driven by love stories because it is not. Although it has songs that addresses love and failing in relationship, the tracks in this album are more directed towards different life stories. For example in the first track titled “Professor”, he sings about the drama in the house of a busy professor. He sings about the infidelity acts that was being carried out by his wife, family member and his domestic staffs. The song is a really good curtain raiser for an album. “Guru” which is the second song on the album talks about his dominance in the music game in Nigeria. Calling himself a guru, he tells the world that he is really dynamic and the best of his kind.

“Zaddy” which is one of the dope songs on this album talks about a rich man who is always interested in young ladies. The word “zaddy” is used to qualify older men who love being sexually involved with very young ladies. Taking the place of the Zaddy, 9ice declares himself the philanthropist of young ladies because he is always ready to give the young women what they want. “Sense” which is another class music in this album talks about using one’s sense in life. In a plea to the world, he gives different advice to the world about using their sense in their life hustle. Admonishing people that patience and being conscious of one’s actions is key to having a good life; 9ice becomes the fountain of advice to the world.

In some love songs, 9ice sings about protection for his lover and his helplessness in love. Working with Bumper to Bumper singer Wande Cole, they made a song titled “Sobo”. The song talks about ladies who give a young male lover hard time dating them. 9ice states that if it was not for love that he would not be available in the way he was for her. Going on to feature Olamide and Reminisce, they made a song “Oja Majemi”. The song is about loyalty to one’s lover.

In some other songs that just talks about  life, nice dishes out advice like a real African elder. “Waka Dance” talks about dancing and enjoying life when one is alive. “Engine and Body” is a song which admonishes people to watch and take care of their mortal bodies. He tells everyone to take care of their body because it is their asset. He says this because the body is like an engine. Hence he tells people to fuel their body by enjoying well. “Seku Seye” talks about enemies in friendly clothing. Singing about betrayal from people he trusted, 9ice advises people about those types of friends. In summary, 9ice made songs that are mostly advice to the world from the perspective of an elderly.

# A tip of the Iceberg Album


Working with Young Jon and Swaps on this project was just what 9ice needed. The creativity level that Swaps is thriving on in recent times is just epic. Being the producer of Omaha Lay’s EP, he also brought the game home with his job with 9ice. Some notable creativity in production on this album are in “Sense” and “Guru”. This is because the songs are different from ponpon, afrobeats and Fuji sound. But they are related to a folk music made by masquerade dancers in south part of Nigeria. This album is made up of very good production and Swaps stands-out as the captain of the beat.


Sincerely speaking, if one will not enjoy the songs on this album because of the beats; then one will enjoy it because of the messages in the songs. There is no flop song on this album. However “Sense” stands out from the rest because of the dope lyrics, beat and switch in sound. Shout out to Swaps and 9ice. They created a song that is good for pondering and enjoying life.

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