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Adekunle Gold Afropop Vol.1

Adekunle Gold have been a star since 2016. He was known for his high-life, folk, RnB, and blues but recently he has switched his sound. Normally when people switch their sound, they usually have the problem of acceptances from fans. What Adekunle Gold did was gradually introduce the sound to his fan base. This album titled Afropop Vol.1 is just like any other afropop album. Dominated by more of ponpon beats, he created songs that can turn up a dance floor.

The truth about this album is that it does not really have enough classic spark. Meaning that the songs are really good but it may not become a classic. It may not be played 20years from now and people will feel the vibe. But it all depends on God and the fans love. Collectively the songs in the album are good. Dominated by so many love/relationship songs, the album is like replaying other love songs in a different melody.

However, there are songs that would flip the minds of people on the dance floor. One of those is “Firewood”. Apart from the songs released as singles like “Something Different” and “AG Baby”, “Firewood” is one song that can become another street hit. Afropop Vol.1 will be played by a lot of people. But it remains to be known if it will achieve same success like his first two major projects.


The album is a predominantly a love inspired album. Although he makes a song for those who are hating on him in the song titled “Okay”, he actually made a love influenced album. In the song titled “Okay”, he sings about being okay with anybody saying negative things about him. Claiming that he does not care about their antics, he claims he is richer, bigger and also their father. Hence he does not have to react to their lame attention seeking antics. According to him making trouble with trouble makers would not pay him hence he concentrates on partying and living life to the fullest.

In the love songs he made, he sings about different topics. Just like in his earlier released single: “Something different”. He sings about what he and his ex-lover could not enjoy because she broke up too early. “Here for ya” is a song which he uses to make his statements of love to his lover. According to him, he wants to take his lover far because he loves her. He tell her that he is ready to spend his money, time and resources for her because he is always going to be there for her.

In the only slow song on the album, he works with Olayinka Ehi and Pheelz Mr Producer to make a song titled “Exclusive”. The song paints a picture of two lovers who are having issues because they were no longer comfortable with their relationship ground rules. Adekunle makes this song from the perspective of a pop-star who his lover is no longer comfortable with him being friends with the opposite sex. It is a really cool jam. “Sabina” is a song that Adekunle uses to tell his lover to giving him another chance to proof his love for her. Calling her Sabina, he begs her not to give up on him and her love for him.

Working with Afropop ponpon beats heavy weight: Tekno, they made a song titled “Firewood”. In Nigeria, there is an adage which states that the body is not firewood. They use this adage/slang to call on their lovers to come and share a moment of companionship with them respectively. In another song titled “Water carry me”, Adekunle makes a love pledge to his lover. Using the street swear slang, he tells his lover that if he lies about loving her; then his life should be taken by water. This approach is taken by many Nigeria person when they want to make someone believe them. Adekunle uses this approach to convince his lover about his intension and love for her. Working with Afro-Reggae musician Patoranking, he sings to a lady he met on a dance floor. He tells her to grind her waist line to the music with him.


Apart from the already released singles, Firewood, Exclusive and Sabina could become major street hits if promoted well. Firewood which is an afropop ponpon beat and Sabina which is an Afrobeats music will sell well in Nigeria and Africa. Exclusive which is a slow song has the highest quality of becoming a classic and international hit.

Adekunle Gold Afropop Vol.1

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