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Adekunle Gold, a onetime protégé of Olamide the YBNL boss has always shown that he is a class above his other signee. Since becoming a solo artist, he has grown in sound. The gift which he has always had was has been his good sense of writing lyrics. Many critics have always judged Nigerian artist about watery lyrics but Adekule Gold is a different kettle of fish. He has always been that artist who writes and creates music which the message will always make people press a replay. Adekunle Gold something different is a song with another nice story of a failed relationship.

Adekunle Gold has gradually started shifting his sound from his high blues and folk music influenced sound to more of Afrobeats. Although he is changing up, his skills in writing has not changed. Gold made a song of 2.57minutes that gives lyrical visuals of a man’s love life.


This song is a fictional autobiographical song that Adekunle Gold uses to lament on failed relationships. Gold opens the song by asking a few questions off his ex. He asks her why she gambled with him when they were in a relation. According to him; this set ex of his told him she wanted to take her time in making up her mind about taking their love life to the net level. But eventually moved on to kick off a relationship with another man. The chorus has Gold lamenting how things could have been different if she had a little bit of patience and stayed with him. According to him, the set lady left because she said she needed a relationship with money. He laments about now having money and she was not by his side. He was thinking of the good life they could have shared; kissing and cuddling in a luxurious hotel in Miami. But laments that all are now just imaginations that never became reality.

The second verse, he switches the lyrics to address another relationship he had. He opens up the story by telling his lover that he is tired of being played. Lamenting of the treatments, he talks about always thinking that he was going to settle down with this lady. Claiming that he was madly in love with this set lady, he declares that he was eventually disappointed by the lady. Gold talks about being mocked by people when she started playing him. And tags the humiliations he had as the fault of this set lady. Finishing off the second verse he claims that, at a point he just had to call her to stop messing with him which eventually ended the relationship.


The beat is a ponpon sound with the afrobeats signature shekere. Working with Blaze, they created a beat that is club effective. Unlike other Gold’s songs, he creates a tune that has more relationship with lots of Wizkid’s Afro-Caribbean sounds. Someone who must have known Gold when he released “Oriente”, will be surprised at the new beat he is working with. In terms of instrument selection, the beat was made with normal Afropop ponpon clap and kicks. In a mid tempo, the song is blended with an Afrobeats shekere. The regular drum kit sound are also weaved together using some occasional bongo play.

The standout instrument is the underlying de-tuned saw sound which helps the bump of the sound. Although the baseline does a lot in adding a club bump to it, there is a certain colour that the saw instrument adds to the song especially in transition bars. The beat is a complete Afropop sound with lots of Afrobeat influence. A complete Nigerian song.

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