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Lucas Joyner has over the past three years become one of the Rappers that the founders of the rap culture can be proud of. His flows, Rhyme, punch lines and storytelling is up there with the likes of Kendrick, J-Cole and Logic. He has built something for himself and unlike Chance tha Rapper, he did not disappoint with his debut album. He produced a decent album which is yards away from the stuff that Chance gave the world last year. However this effort would have not meet expectations if the song titled “Will” was not there. Lucas has built a reputation but ADHD lacked a flag song because of its content maturity. ADHD was supposed to be his much anticipated debut album, but he created an album for only mature rap lovers. It lacks that musical element that affects a first time listener. But the presence of a song that pays tribute to Will Smith changes everything because even the lamest music lovers knows Will.


According to Lucas Joyner, the album was inspired by the stress he had to go through as a mentally sick boy. He was quoted saying that he was diagnosed as a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). According to him, every move he made was always attributed to his ADHD. Hence he became a Rapper to say his mind and never be treated like a sick person when he reacts to issues. This album is used to address some issues that has been popping up in his mind. On top of the songs addressing these issues is “Devils Work”.

“Devil’s work” is a song that has Lucas talk to God in a prayer (dialog). He talks about the way good people die and bad people remain alive. He agrees that God is never wrong but states that with the kind of people who die and persons who are alive-he claims God must have made a mistake. Using this song he wishes death on the president of the United State (Donald Trump), R.Kelly, and a host of others. He claims the POTUS has too much power for a coward and regards him as a big threat to life. He goes after Sean John Combs (Puff Daddy) and wished death on him while asking for God to return 2Pac. In another long list, he wished that God brought back Whitney Huston, Micheal Jackson, Malcom X, Martin Luther King jnr and so many more. He laments about young children, fathers and mothers dying in the hood while some really bad people are still alive. He claims that if he knew the way to heaven, he would have been there already to bring all these people back.

Using the life and artistry of American Hollywood Star Will Smith, Lucas made a song titled “Will”. This song talks about how he has been chasing life and success. Using the life of Will Smith in front of the camera, Lucas paints clear pictures of how he has tailored his life like Will Smith. He talks of Will setting examples for him with the way he handles his life and Family. He pays tribute to him stating that Will Smith is his idol and he (Will Smith) does not know it.

Will Smith, the man whose popularity may help this Album become a massive Hit.

“I Love” is a song which has some really catchy intro. He talks about money and how people never looked on him as a guy with potentials. He talks about growing up loving being not cool because he was always sober (extremely quiet because of his ADHD). Claiming that some people say that money is not everything, he cautions such persons to speak for themselves. He states that he loves money and works hard for it. Teaming up with the Young Sinatra himself (Logic), they sing about the suffering of people who are different. Talking about his ADHD, he tells people that he is different. He states that he is not sick person just because he does not see things like other people.

“I Lied” is a song that discusses the issues of how people change. He talks about lying to people and God just to become rich. Recounting how he used to pray to God to make him rich and watch him always remain loyal to him. He however declares that the money has changed him a lot because he has not stayed true to himself. Teaming up with American pop star; “Chris Brown”, they made a song that talks about a break up. Lucas raps about falling in love when he was young and naïve and only got to see the true colours of the lady later. Stating that he is thankful, he claims that finally, he can enjoy being away from her lies and drama.

ADHD album cover

In summary, ADHD is supposed to be an album that is fearless lyrically. It is supposed to be more of Rapping about stuff that others are scared to talk about. Lucas does a good job in “Devils work”, but he kind of kept it on the low in other songs. “Will” is a song that will give this album popularity but the maturity is too much for people who do not know how to listen.


Working with over ten producers, Lucas Joyner created some sounds that are relatively okay. Characterized by a lot of 808 base kick bumps, this album can get anybody bouncing. Most of the beats are influenced by a lot of trap sounds. For example “ISIS” which was produced by Noxbeats, Boi-1da and Roctee has a good RnB/trap beat but bumped up by some 808. That can also be said for about 89% of the beats in this album.

The Rhyming pattern switched from yelling Rap as heard in “Devil’s Work”, to Mumble/Singing Rap as heared in “ISIS” and “Still Can’s Love” which features King OFS and Fabulous and was produced by Dark boy Santana. There is also the presence of interlude skits which paints some clear pictures of how his childhood was and is an added sauce to the album.


There is no flop on this album but it would have not received good airplay if “Will” was not in the album. The album is too mature that many people who spend their minutes streaming song would not have made it a massive hit. It is a nice debut with lots of creativity and potential.

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