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Read Afrosoul EP Review while listening to the tracks on the EP below

MaleekBerry who have been in the music scene for years have been creating a sound that people have been trying to accommodate in Nigeria. It is a sound that is highly influenced by Western soul and RnB music. It is a brand of music that Khalid the American pop star does but with a swap in the elemental percussion style. Instead of using the regular soul and RnB beats, Maleek swaps it for African beats like Makosa, ponpon, koto and Afrobeats. This is what Wurld also does with this album by creating Afropop beats and using his soul music sound to create sick tunes. It is like doing what 6lack does with his soul and RnB base sound and Trap music. Wurld creates a reals musical mixture of sound that is cool and not street like pure Afropop sounds.


Wurld who blew into the scene after making an EP with Nigerian heavy weight music producer Sarz is known for his “love” music. This album is once again about love. Fusing his high soul musical base to African Afropop percussion, Wurld made another unique project. The song titled “National Anthem” can be said to be song with dual meaning. Listening to the song, you might relate to it as a song which talks about one’s boldness and self-belief that cannot be destroyed. But in actual sense, this song is about a belief in the song love and faith one has in one’s love partner. Using this song to tell his lady that his love will keep growing wings, Wurld tells his lady that no one can break their bond. Claiming that even though many would pray that he fails in his relationship, he declares that he will always win in life and in love. “Wayo” is a song that Wurld uses to tell his lover that she should not play him for a fool. According to him, he has always tried to always come through for her whenever she needs him. Singing about all of his commitments to her, he begs her not to take his show of affection for foolishness.

. “Birthday Song” which is also called “Palmwine Riddim” is a pure afrobeats song that Wurld uses to celebrate his lady on a birthday. Singing about a fictional lady called “Onome”, he tells his lady that everyday seems like her birthday and he is really happy to spend it with her in a dance. Talking about blessing her with love and wealth, he tells her that he will do everything for her including buying her a private plane. Using a fast tempo Afropop beat, Wurld makes a song which he calls “Love nobody”. The song is about the mutual jealousy that two lovers have for each other. According to him, his lover does not want him to love another person apart from her. He also reveals that he feels same way about his lover because he also does not want her loving other men. “Can’t come outside” is a song that Wurld uses to talk about the after effects of a breakup. Lamenting why his lady is messing with the energy of their relationship, he asks her why she is changing up on him. He states that he cannot go outside since she started messing with his feelings

In switch of message, Wurld sings about trying to make it in the world around him. In his words, he is living in a Ghost World where he has to work really hard to earn a living. He claims that in his journey of life that he has lost a lot of things but he never lost sight of the goal. Claiming that everybody living in the world has just one shot at making it big, he admonishes people to always make the most of life. Hitting the bull’s eyes at every opportunity is what he tells people to do because if they don’t, then they will remain in the Ghost town.

Afrosoul EP Review


Wurld blew into the scene when he worked with Sarz on a project. That project became a massive success. What cillacritic and maybe the world around was waiting to see from the new EP was if the sound and style way Wurld’s or Sarz’s. In this album he has shown that he is the owner of the style and sound made. Showing that he is ready to always influence African percussions with his soul and RnB vibe, Wurld made a real good Afropop album. Wurld blends different beat styles in this projects but keeps his vocal style the same. He was careful not to sound too Afropop-ish. He does this by voicing his lyrics in 80% English language. And also controlling the speed at which he releases his voice and air when voicing the songs. For example in his Palm Wine song, it shows a clear distinction in his vocal style especially when his featured act sings his verse. His featured star uses a real Afrobeat vocal style but Wurld keeps his Soul and RnB vocal style. In summary, even though Wurld uses Makosa, Ponpon, Afrobeats and soul beats, he keeps the production of his vocals western thereby creating an Afrosoul sound just like what MaleekBerry have been trying to do in years.


The songs on this album are going to be loved relatively because everybody and environment will have a preference. A song like “Love Nobody” will make for a good club jam. While “Ghost World” would make for a good meditation song. However, I believe that the best record on this album is “Birthday Song”. The song which embodies Afrobeats in its purity has a sweet musical vibe to it. A really classic sound that will be played in many birthday parties around Nigeria.

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