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Musician evolve just as their music and carrier spans. In Nigeria artist have risen and fallen. And that has always been dependent on how good they evolved. Adekule Gold have come a long way from his “Sade” single and now he has metamorphosed from being a folk music maker to a pure Afropop musician. With his last singles, Adekule Gold has shown that he does not want to be a starving artist. This has driven him into making more commercial music. Initially he has always tried to keep his lyrical content mature. But with this “AG baby” single being a song that is based on self-glorification, one can start assuming that Adekule Gold is gradually getting lost lyrically in the industry,

Although the song is really groovy and can turn up a party, someone who have listened to “pick up”, “Orente” and “Sade” might be wondering why this new musical path. What he is doing is just like having Johnny Drille wake up tomorrow and decide to become a pure Afropop musician who sings about dancing in a club. It will definitely make people raise their eyebrow.  However Gold is the artist and he decides what he wants. He might loose fans who fell in love with his Afro-folk, soul and RnB fusion but he will surely make new fans. AG baby is a good single that will create a good buzz in the streets. A relatively decent piece of music that will die in weeks.


The song is all about being proud of one’s self. Adekule Gold who uses himself as case study brags about his music, lifestyle and general swag. He opens the song by painting a picture of how people regards him when he makes an appearance.  Calling himself an original Don, he claims that people always wants to copy his style and way of doing things. He reminisces when he was nothing and was doubted by many, but claims they were ignorant of the quality he was made of. He finishes off the verse by stating that his life is an original bad man thriller movie.

The last verse has Gold brag about himself and his swag in fresh pieces of words. Calling himself a street boy and a sweet boy, he declares that he runs the musical mainstream and main street. He forecasts that he is going to go platinum with his record sales and calls himself number one in the music game. He declares his style and flow legendary while bragging that he does not have to fake being a musician

The pre-chorus has him brag about being on top of his game to the ignorance of people who never regarded him as a star. Declaring that he has come to always make a statement, he allows Nailah Blackman to announce who he is. Nailah picks up by calling out everyone and letting them know that Adekunle Gold (The Baby) does not know how to slow down in the music.


Adekunle Gold have in recent times made songs that are strictly afropop ponpon sound. Usually regarded as the Nigerian alternate sound, Adekule have found the sound comfortable to play to. The little drop of variety in the song is the removal of Afrobeats shekere. This make the song to sound more Jamaican than African. Although he uses some congas, the bongo sound which serves as the ponpon snare dominates the percussion from state to finish.

In terms of rhythm and keys, Adekule blends every Afropop instrument from paino, horns and electronic guitar. Another creativity element in the beat is the tweaking of electronic guitar with phazers and distorting effects. This made it sound more Caribbean.

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