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Ajebo Hustlers Pronto Review

Ajebo Hustlers is a musical Afropop duo made up of two music artist George Dandeson aka Knowledge, and singer Isaiah Precious aka Piego. And they have been in the music scene in recent times. To break into the Nigerian music mainstream, they engaged a music marketing strategy which is although expensive but always pays off.

The market strategy was investing money in featuring already blown artist. This led them to employ one of Nigerian’s biggest artist in the person of Davido. That singular act gave them a good social base to break into the music mainstream. With this new song titled “Pronto” they went one better by featuring Nigeria’s biggest recent trendy artist in the person of Omah Lay. It has just been days since they released the song and the ground the song is gaining is off the charts.

Music like any other business is made of different models and strategies and this one that is employed by the Ajebo Hustler’s is dope. Although at some stage they will have to own their sound like Patoranking did in his carrier so far. We must understand this is the surest way to becoming popular, viral and trendy.


Working with Suka Andrews the STG Prodigy himself, they created a ponpon vibe with some calypso or call it mariachi shakers playing. The song which is sequenced using a cool flowing pad sound and a sequence or detuned sound to give it a proper rhythmic sound can make someone dance from the start to finish.

One of the highlights of the production is the arrangement of the song. Opening the sound with a pigin rap flow helps the song build a sound energy which is escalated immediately after the first chorus when Omah Lay takes over. The song is a proper mix and a proper leverage on the qualities of Omah Lay who takes not just one verses but also a refrain. This makes the song sound like it has different choruses in one song.


The song is about a sexual encounter between a relative sex naïve girl and a Nigeria man. The song is opened up with a rap. One of the duo of Ajebo Hustlers raps and talks about why he stopped going at his sexual companion some days back. According to him he had to control himself before the lady he was going at lost her breath. Stating that she was fagged out and tired from the many hours of sexual intercourse; he claims to had to let her rest because she had a family she had to go back to. He finishes the rap by claiming that he also had to slow down because he does not want to end up becoming a father.

The chorus has the second duo sing about how the lady allowed him go at her all night without objection. He uses the Spanish word “pronto” to explain the way she accepts his body and good love making.  Omah Lay who takes the post chorus sings about the intensity of the electrified sexual encounter they had. He finishes the post chorus by claiming that after the encounter, that nobody around had a clue that they have been going down on each other for hours.

The last verse of the song has one of the Ajebo hustlers reveal that the lady is a Calabar lady from south southern Nigeria. He invites her over to enjoy another sexual meeting with him. Omah Lay also lends his voice on the invitation. While they finish off the song by claiming that the world (Including Chimamanda Adiche the writer and feminist activist) will hear about their sexual escapades.

Ajebo Hustlers Pronto Review

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