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Akon Ain’t No Peace Mixtape Review: His best project 10years

Akon Ain’t No Peace Mixtape Review

Akon have always can be said to have been a musician who have cemented his status as a music legend. Becoming arguably the most collaborated artist in the world, Akon have built an empire with his Konvict music label. He has contributed so much in the American and African music industry that one cannot overlook his actions.

He has been able to be experiment with sounds over the years. In recent years, he has been trying to sell the African Afrobeats and other Afropop sound to the world. And with his work with African heavyweight musicians, others have now started accepting the African sound. Akon have been doing that with less attention to his original sound. When Akon broke into the music scene in mid 2000s, he was known for his pure RnB sound. But to be able to sell the African sound to the world, Akon had to ditch the RnB tune for the Afrobeats.

Now with Jidenna, Beyonce and some other American artist following suite in the promotion of the African sound, Akon has fallen back to his natural habitat. “Ain’t No Peace” Mixtape sees Akon go back to his RnB sound. What makes this mixtape special and way better than his “Akonda” album is the sincerity of the message. Akon drew from the street which was also the major influence of his initial carrier hit songs. This mixtape is a good RnB/Hiphop project which everyone can relate to especially if they are an African-Americans. The album is classy, sincere, original and everyone need to listen to it.


The Album is written and delivered from the perspective of a struggling African-American young man. Drawing inspiration from his life as an ex-convict living in American low-life streets, he create an emotional mixtape. Also Akon draws his inspiration from the recent police brutality in America and create a very serious album-void of irrelevant message.

Akon Ain’t No Peace Mixtape Review

The first song that caught my attention is the song that he features Rick Ross. He sings against Drug dealers and Killers. In this song which he titled “Get Out”, he sings about the street not being a place for them (Drug lords and Killers). According to him the street hates them for ruining lives and dreams with their violence and illicit drugs. Rick Ross lending his voice to the record declares that a death penalty should be given to drug kingpins who are ruining lives.

“Sweet Love” is a song that Akon uses to sing about what influenced him to leave the life of crime. According to him, his lady was always by him giving him the moral to leave the life of crime. He calls the affection and motivation sweet love.

“Letter to my son” is a song which sees Akon tell a story why he had to going into crime. According to him he had to live the life of crime to be able to provide for his son. Claiming that he wrote these letter to his son when he was in prison. He states that he just had to reiterate the reason for his wrong choices earlier in life.

In a song which speaks against police brutality in America, Akon creates an emotional song. In this song titled “System Ain’t For us”. He talks about the reckless killing of young African-Americans. According to him the system was built on how much money you have before you are heard. He says that the Africans in America are pushed to the limits that they all resort to violence as a means to be heard.

“Ain’t No Peace” which doubles as the Mixtape title talks about the anarchy and violence in the street. Underlining the fact that the ill treatment of the Africans in America is the reason for the lack of peace, he points fingers at the police. He uses the song to make a clarion call on all who are affected by the insensitive police maltreatment to stand up against the system. 

“Remember” is a song that Akon uses to reminisce about his life in the hood before he became a star. He talks about the way he ran the street-peddling drugs and getting into trouble. He uses the song to talk about his new found life and wealth; as a life that he always feels he could leave and go back to the hood. He declares that he misses the hood and the memories it brings to him.

However in “New Life” on the other hand has Akon talking about his new found life and how he can’t trade it for another. According to him, he has had his back on the wall and have always tried to do right since then . Furthermore he underlines the fact he is a changed man and is ready to stay same way for the remaining part of his life.  He creates this classic with Mali Music.

Akon Ain’t No Peace Mixtape Review


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