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All Rise TV series Review

Living in Africa and watching the movie industry in Hollywood make movies about African/Latino Americans is a welcome development. Although one cannot help but feel sentiments even before stepping into America; one positive of watching a TV series like “All Rise” is that it sensitizes people who are planning to migrate to America on what they are likely to face.

All rise is a movie that is generated from the back story of what most African/Latino America Lawyers and Judges go through in the system. Taking a peep back to what Meek Mill experienced from an African Judge in America, could be one of the reason for this movies. Many people in America always have opinions about African/Latino lawyers and Judges. They forget that once they sit on the bench or become sworn attorneys that they are obligated by the law to stay neutral, represent and judge fairly. That is why a movie like All Rise was created for Americans. To sensitize all races, so that they do not become enemies.

To add colour to the characters, they casted females for the lead roles which further pecks them backwards in terms of equality. From creation, Women have always been put backwards in almost every life issues. Critically looking into the plight of female lawyers and Judges in America in this movie, they tried to paint the clear picture of how an African/Latino American female Judges/Attorneys gets caught up in this fight between Gender, Race and Law.


The movie is centered on two female lead characters who are not Caucasian. The first is Simone Missick who plays the character of Lola Carmicheal, a newly sworn in African American Judge. Being a woman who upholds the law, she is caught in between waters. She tries to obey the law while not allowing herself to be used to enforce laws that were designed to be against people of her race. Confronted with cases that put on the spotlight light every day, she tries to be creative and stay fair to everyone irrespective of their race. She is also confronted with the irregularities in her marriage and extended family.

The second Character of interest is the public defense attorney Emily Lopez which is played by Jessica Camacho. Being a Latino American woman who finds herself being a lawyer to people who do not have enough money hire one. Every day she wakes up trying to always think outside the box to be able to serve her poor clients better. Sometimes she does exceptionally well and sometimes she fails. In some other situation she faces the problem of racism as a result of always trying to be fair to her client irrespective of their races. Just like the first lead character, she faces her own personal issue. Being a newly divorced lady, she deal with PTSD of an abusive marriage.


The general idea of the movie is really unique and timely especially with the new outbreak of global racism in the world. Their ideas of incorporating the recently Black Lives matter protest and Corona Virus to the season two scripts are really nice. The only problem is the fact that it lacks enough twist to make people stay glued to the screen. So many of the episodes of the first season were boring- especially for someone who is not interested in law. If I was to rate it on a scale of 1-10, it will be a standard four because one can always go back to it anytime and catch the vibe.

All Rise TV series Review

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