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According to various history channels, clothing was formed when man had to adapt to the strong conditions of the earth. Man would not need clothing materials if it was not needed. Pondering over the invention of cloth, one can also think of the harsh weather conditions which was faced by the inventors of clothing. It could be classified in same category with the Corona Virus. Fashion has always been an attempt to solve the problem of man and Corona Virus has just created another avenue for fashion lovers to flourish. Ankara face mask is one new innovation caused by a problem

Face mask as we all know was designed for the sole purpose of protecting people from foreign bodies like germs, dust and and viruses like the COVID-19. But with the increase in manner at which every human has to be with a face mask recently, it has left the category of just being a protective cover to a compulsory part of human clothing. This development has led to an outbreak of innovative ideas on how to incorporate this medical dress tool in everyday clothing.

In Africa for example the new fashion Vogue is the Ankara face mask. Tailors and Fashion designers have all found an opportunity in the production of masks that suit different varieties of Ankara materials. Just like a cap is an important accessory in the clothing of an average African man or woman, so is a matching face mask. People within and outside Africa are rocking the look during this era and there is a high possibility that when COVID-19 eventually fades away, we are all going to be stuck with the new component of African fashion sense. Below is a gallery of people rocking the Ankara face mask.

The ideology behind most African Fashion sense is to wear matching outfits. This is clearly depicted by the gentleman in the above image
The unity of the colours of the Ankara face masks and foreign fashion style creates a vintage look.

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