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Ariana Grande Positions Album Review

Ariana Grande, one of the bestselling female artist in recent years has released her 6th studio album and she called it “Positions”. Unlike her previous project which were released in the thick of different controversies in her life, this album has been produced in relatively calm era in her life. Ariana is a RnB artiste who have produced her sound to catch the hearts of people. But with her recent projects it has not really hit the peak of her sound that we are used to. In this projects, she however allows her seldf to tap from vintage RnB sound. She draws her inspiration from RnB sounds and arrangements that was made in late 90 and early 2000s.

The album which is relatively mid tempo, was created not for partying or dancing but for work, meditation and enjoying a good time. The production was kept basic to suits people who miss RnB music that was produced in 90s/2000s. This project is one of her best in recent times. The truth is that when she released a song with Justin Bieber some months ago, it was clear that Ariana was trying to connect back to her originality. Positions album is a good work in that direction.


Her work with The Weekend on the song titled “Off the table” will be a hit jam. The slow soul/RnB energy of the song and the spice that The Weekend brings is just dope. “34+35” is a song that could become people’s favorite irrespective of the content of the lyrics. Because the catchy chorus is something that sticks to the mind. “Just like Magic” is also another song that can become a hit because of the purity in it RnB quality. If to be rated in comparison to her other projects, Positions album could be rated a standard 7/10.


The album is a compilation of songs about self-appreciation, acceptance, freedom and love. Ariana used this album to discuss a few love stories. In the song which she features The Weekend, she sings about a love that is irreplaceable. According to she lost a love but never knew that it was going to be very hard for her to get over the loss of that love. Claiming that the love that they hard was completely off the table, she laments she did not make the most of the love she once had.

“Just Like magic” is a song which Ariana uses to appreciate what she has achieved. According to her she can do whatever she likes just like a magician and his magic. Complementing her looks, finance and connections, she brags in a low key way about being able to afford whatever she can just like magic. Working with Ty Dolla Sign, she created a song titled “safety net”. Ariana sing about falling love which scares her. According to her, her man is making her fall in love with him without any safety net to protect her from a possible heart break.

Working with disco and rap MC Doja Cat, they made a song titled “Motive”. The song is a song that Ariana used to probe a guy who is being unnecessarily nice. She uses the song to ask him: what is the motive behind all his niceness and cuteness? “Nasty” is a song that Ariana Grande uses to celebrate her freedom. She states that she wants to get nasty with her man. Just because she can and she affirms that she will because she has the freedom she has earned it. “Positions” which doubles up as the titled of the album is a song that she uses to appreciate a new found love. Stating that she was ready to switch up her life to live with him, she claims that she was ready to meet his parents and switch up positions to be part of his life.

In summary Ariana made songs that a real RnB lover will like to listen to. There is no unnecessary noise and sound effects. Although the lyrical may not tell detailed stories, it however share some love tales that people can relate with.

Ariana Grande Positions Album Review

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