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Ariana’s 7 Rings shows that she need a break

Music is a talent and just like any talent, sometime it does not really produce the best result especially when you are over pushing it. I am a big fan of Ariana Grande’s music but her recent songs have not really gotten lots of airplay on my headset because they are not just good music. Ariana bought my heart in the music industry with good songs such as “Just a little bit of your heart”, “You don’t know me” and all her songs in the “My everything” album. In recent times, Ariana has just kept releasing some beats with lyrics that are not well suited. She has been creating a kind of noise and thanks to her fan and billboard who always place her on top of the charts; she keeps thinking she is still a good singer. Her last two album was a mess when compared to aforementioned album. In an article published on this blog, it was analyzed and blamed on her change of producers. But with the last few songs that she has released; it is clear that Ariana needs a break. 7 Rings is clear definition of a good musician who is under pressure from her label, fans and producers to make music. Ariana Grande needs to take a break from the studio and rediscover her form because with songs like “7 rings” and “thank you next”; she might just be heading downwards and not know it.

One will think that as an organization is witch hunting Ariana but the basic truth is that she is releasing songs that are obviously not from her heart but from other forces in her life. Below are why this particular song suck regardless of where it is placed on the billboard.

Ariana is a wonderful RnB musician who has some of the greatest records when compared with her generation of musicians. However this trap flow is not just her and trying to make Ariana look or sound like a Beyoncé on a Trap beat is so not just cool. Trap music limits the vocal prowess of Ariana and that is not cool. I know variety is needed to keep a musician’s game on but doing that at the expense of the musician’s identity is criminal. To show that Ariana is not a Trap lady, the beat is hooked by Tommy Brown for more than three times. It was like he is pushing Ariana to voice on a Trap beat by force.  Ariana made some of the best music when she was not working with Pharell or Tommy. These two producers regardless of how huge they are and how much the music industry respects them are not for her. “Thank you, Next” the single has poor lyrics especially for a song she voices her pain for the death of Mac Miller. 7 Rings has her sounding like a lady trying to imitate a Beyoncé when she is plagued by the Carter Disease or Nicki when she is her pink zone. Ariana is Ariana perhaps these two producers are over pushing her.

Videos are what give life to good music over time but I sincerely wish I did not watch this video on because I would have enjoyed the trap beat but I was gutted by the video. Ariana does not look gang star and its totally wrong for any music video producer to create her in that light. She is a Diva and a goddess when you quantifying her natural attributes. Gang star is far from her and making a video of a girls gang with Ariana is team leader is a total joke. I personally dislike the part where she and her small backside ladies try to twerk. No doubt the video has good cinematography but the concept was bad which I don’t blame on the video director but on Ariana and Tommy who thought it wise to release a song like this.

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