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Asa V Album Review: Afrosoul sounds good in her voice.

It was an uncommon event to have Asa be in Nigeria for so long-but with this fifth studio album and its sound direction, it is clear why the France based Nigerian musician has been in the country. Following her social media trend since 2020, Asa have been compiling a catalogue of music which obviously had popular Nigeria acts working with her. To of the list of the pop stars are the Cavemen and Wurld but the album, which is titled ‘V’ had bigger surprises. This album may not be vintage Ballad Asa but it is a wonderful Afrosoul album which could compete with Wurld’s projects as well as some works from Fireboy DML and Adekunle Gold.


The sounds in this album are Afro-soul sound which is a blend of mid-tempo Afrobeats and ponpon beats to a tenderly and slowly voiced lyrical verses. Asa as we know have always been an artist who has a very rich soul voice judging from her years of singing Ballad and soul, but hearing her vibbing on Afropop sounds such as ponpon and Afrobeats is just a nice switch.

If you want to stay relevant in any trade you have to stay connected to the younger generation. This is what Asa does not just in featuring young musicians but working with a young producer in the person of P.Priime. P.Priime who created a mega hit for Olamide which he features Omah Lay; brought the sauce again in this album and I am loving it.


The album is a catalogue of love and friendship songs. What Asa does is create an album that does not only gravitate to romantic love but friendship love. This feature makes this album a very safe album for any age or gender to listen vibe to.

A good example of this friendship love is the song which she features Wizkid. The song which is titled ‘IDG’ is a song which she talks about always gravitating to where she is shown love. According to her, she tries to live in the moment with people who show her love because the world is crafted in a way where all one knows is the present and not the future. Lending his voice to the music, Wizkid talks about working hard to give himself a good life and all he needs is mature friendship and love. Detailing that he has been in different love situation, he finishes off by stating emphatically that he knows the fake from the real love.

In another friendship love song, Asa works with Nigerian Folk music makers in the person of The Caveman. The song which is titled ‘Good Times’ is a song that celebrates a good friend who is always reliable always. Asa uses the song to celebrate friends who break the blood barrier by being loyal, reliable and dependable every time.

In a switch in message she sings from a more romantic level in a song titled ‘Nike’. The song talks about an ex-lover who wears clean Nike kits. According to her short story, she claims that she let her guard down and ended up falling in love with him. She however claims that this guy that claims to love her broke her heart. Asa finishes off by stating that even though this Nike boy broke her heart, she can’t find herself loving another person apart from him. In another song titled ‘show me off’ is a song that she tells her lover to show her off to the world because she has made up her mind to spend her whole life with him.  The Album is filled with songs that could become vintage very soon.

Asa V Album Review: Afrosoul sounds good in her voice


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