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Asake’s “Work of Art” Album: A Journey of Growth and Success

Asake's Work of Art Album A Journey of Growth and Success

Asake’s “Work of Art” Album: A Journey of Growth and Success

Nigerian sensation Asake has once again captured the hearts of music lovers with his latest album, “Work of Art.” Following the success of his debut album, “Mr Money,” Asake continues to impress, incorporating a unique blend of Afrobeats and Amapiano sounds. This partnership with Empire Records has allowed him to reach a global audience, propelling him to international stardom. In this review, we delve into the album’s highlights, its appeal to both Nigerian and international audiences, and the lyrical themes that showcase Asake’s growth as an artist.

Lyrical Themes:

“Work of Art” delves into Asake’s experiences as an international star, addressing the criticisms he has faced since gaining fame. In tracks like “Great Guy,” he confidently asserts that he knows who he is musically and disregards the naysayers, embracing his unique creativity. “Yoga,” a previously released single, centers on his pursuit of peace and freedom amidst external pressures. The poignant track “Lonely at the Top” offers a glimpse into the isolation that success can bring, acknowledging the loneliness that accompanies stardom. However, Asake emphasizes that his motivation lies in his love for music and acceptance of the sacrifices that come with triumph.

A Bridge to International Success:

The collaboration with Empire Records has been pivotal in elevating Asake’s career to new heights in the international music scene. While the Amapiano-heavy approach might have limited his appeal in Nigeria, it has proven to be a stepping stone for global recognition. As the world becomes acquainted with Asake’s music through “Work of Art,” he stands poised to gain a whole new level of success from a diverse international audience.

Resonating with Nigerian Afropop Fans:

To cater to his Nigerian fan base, Asake smartly included tracks that tap into the beloved Afrobeats pon pon and fuji music influence. Notably, “Lonely at the Top” has become a major hit in Nigeria. The song’s danceable vibe and departure from the lengthy Amapiano drum patterns resonate with the Nigerian Afropop community. By strategically balancing the album’s content, Asake ensures that his music remains relevant and captivating to his home crowd.

A Harmonious Fusion of Afrobeats and Amapiano:

Asake’s decision to infuse his music with Amapiano, a South African sound, received mixed reactions from his Nigerian fans. While some were tired of the repetitive Amapiano beats, the partnership with Empire Records helped Asake diversify his sound. “Work of Art” showcases his musical versatility, as he not only maintains the Amapiano influence but also adds more Afrobeats songs to satisfy his home crowd. Tracks like “Sunshine” and “Lonely at the Top” exemplify this fusion, offering both the familiar dance vibe and a refreshing deviation from the Amapiano-heavy tracks.


Asake’s “Work of Art” is a well-crafted album that seamlessly blends Afrobeats and Amapiano sounds, showcasing his growth as an artist and his willingness to explore new musical territories. While the international audience may be relatively new to Asake’s music, they are sure to be captivated by his unique style. Meanwhile, his Nigerian fans have reason to celebrate, as “Work of Art” strikes the perfect balance between the Amapiano trend and the beloved Afrobeats influence. The album’s lyrical themes add depth to Asake’s artistry, offering a glimpse into his experiences as a rising star. Asake’s journey to success might have been met with criticism, but his unwavering commitment to his craft has undoubtedly secured him a place among Nigeria’s hottest Afrobeats exports.

Asake’s “Work of Art” Album: A Journey of Growth and Success


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