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There are musicians who don’t really know how to make bad music. One of such musician is Bukola Elemide popularly known as Asa. For about a decade, Asa has become a musician who has separated her music and style in a way many Nigerian would have thought won’t be fashionable. Asa’s the beginning song is one song that adds another feather to her musical hat. Her attention to details and working with people who understand harmony and good music, keeps making her release hit songs back to back.

The story line of this song is one that many divorced persons can relate to. Love birds in a romance relationship will also relate to this song especially if the relationship is going through a rough patch. Asa’s The Beginning song is one that has the potential to become a personal favorite for most men and women who don’t want to let go of their lover even though they have cause each other pains with their actions and words.


The song opens up with Asa taking the role of a lady who has been a living-dead marriage. She takes her time to review the relationship she and her lover has had. She begins by stating that one of them must have the last say in the relationship. She agrees that they both (She and her lover) have done bad damages to each other’s hearts and feeling with their words. She uses the Simile: “Dagger” to explain the hurtful words they have thrown.  She goes on to explain that for years she and her lover have been in a near silence relationship; living together but not having any form of love affair. She explains that when the mute treatment started that she did not know that it was going to last this long. But for years now they have be very near, yet so far away.

In the second and final verse, Asa picks up a piece of paper and write her lover a letter. She could not obviously to him because he was giving her a quiet treatment. She stated that she wanted them to be clear on issues as regards their relationship. She tells him that they have used their mouth to shatter all the love they had for each other. She however she tells him that she has missed him for days in so many way. She cries out that even though they have lived together that they seem so apart and that is not cool. She tell her lover to allow both of them go back to the beginning when their love was without blemish.


Asa and her various producers have always worked with a lot of soul beat dominated with orchestral sounds. The song opens up with a steady play of a grand piano backed up by a steady but irregular play of the baseline. It transitions into a sea of sound which includes: violins, viola and cellos.

The percussion of this song is kept basic with a slow tempo RnB beat. However it is not introduced until the beginning of the second verse. This allows a near celestial feel to be given to the whole sound with the Grand Piano still remaining the lead sound.


Good visual is the only comment that can be made of the video of this song. It was mature, cheap and the composition was great. The angle of shot at the blue water fall which opened the music was great and the closing shot of Asa face was just epic. I only felt like Asa was kind of scared of water when she was face up and slowed deepened into the water. That might be a real show of fear or another mastery by the music video director.

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