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Luke George Evans has not just in recent years proven himself as a good actor but also a good musician. Soul and country music are genres of music which are realtively a little bit harder to compose and perform especially in this mordern time. But Luke has found a way to blend the genres together to create a good everyday album. The “At Last” album is a good project which could send anybody who needs musical healing. The orchestral strings and harmony of vocal is just soul soaking and can drive anybody to sleep.

A good album for me is any ablum which has an identity. I have always had problems with musical artist who compile a selection of singles and call it an Album. This is not the case with what Luke dished out from his kitchen as regards the “At Last” album. Having been well produced and voiced, Luke made an album that softly glides from one track to another while captivating the listener. A nice parkage for any real music lover.


This album is centered on the message of love. Both from the erotic and general kind of love. In the first song in the album which is my personal best, Luke tags love to be a battle field. “Love is a battlefield” is song that he uses to tag love as a tough path in life. But explains that only strong people who really are mad about each other can going into it. “First time ever” is a love song that talks about the kind of feeling Luke or who ever felt when he saw and kissed his lover.

In an apology song, Luke sings about being sorry about breaking his lovers heart by the words he spoke. He declares that if he could turn back the hands of time, then he will love to have his lovers back. “Changing” is a song that addresses issues of trying to please someone. Trying to correct that notion, Luke who is gay tells his lover to remain original to himself. “Without you” talks about the inability of a person to live without his or her lover. He declares that he can’t live without his lover in a slow rock music.

In summary, Luke Evan worked on different love songs painting clear pictures of love senarios. He talks about the feeling, the sacrifice, pain and joy that is included in any love relationship between to persons of different sexuality.


Signed to BMG record label, Luke Evans and his team of producers made a great album. From the beats to mixing and mastering; the level of professionalism is just of a different level. Dominated by ocestrial octave sound; the cellos, violin, Viola and trumpets made the album sound like a Yanni album with vocals.

The production is basically a soul album with a few fusion of slow rock, RnB and country music. For example “without you” has elements of rock music. While “Love is a battle field” opens up like Lil Wayne’s 2011 hit song “Mirror” hence have rich RnB vibes.

One other noticable quality of this album is the mixing of the vocals. There is a distinct use of different voices while creating an harmonized base of the sound. Just some high level of details.


An album like “At Last” is a compilation of hit songs but generally depends on the person listening to the song. I am in love with “Love is a Battlefield” and another person can be totally bought by another songs.

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