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Ava Max Heaven and Hell Album Review

When Ava Max released her smashing hit single: Sweet but Psycho last year, the impression she gave about her album was weird. Sweet but Psycho which is a song of a lady in love with crazy antics has Ava create the impression that she was a crazy music maker. But in this album titled Hevean & and Hell, she unveils why her lead single for this album was about a crazy lady in love. This album throws light on the nature of human and how they react to the love they are shown.

In this album, she paints lyrical pictures of how a lady reacts to loyalty, love, care, affection and patience from her lover as Heaven. While she paints a lyrical picture of how a lady reacts to cheats, betrayals, hate, lack of attention and other ills in a relationship as hell. She also describes the after effects of  the above scenarios in a relationship as either being a state of heaven or hell. In one of the songs in this album she sings that if a man treats her right that she will give the man a feeling of Heaven but if the reverse was the case then she will give the man hell.

The album is filled with different stories of love. Some of the stories are stories of good times. While some others are of bad times. In summary it is a really good album lyrically. The sound and story is matured. The production is classy with every trick in production of pop music evident it it. There are modulations, use of effects like phasers, flangus and reverbs when necessary. She also stock to her basic pop sound beat.

This album may not sell well in Africa but will definitely sell in Europe and America because of the pop sound. The collection of the songs are groovy but not a sound that Afropop loving Africans will love. It is a relatively good piece of project but will not go global.


As stated above the album is a love music album.  It talks about relationship having the feeling of heaven and hell in various situations. In a song titled “Salt”, she sings about a bad relationship she was in. claiming that she is a lot of salt, she declares that she is ready to break her lover’s heart at the slightest opportunity. According to her she learnt the skill of heart break from him and she is ready to add her salt to his pain. She declares that her tears have ran dry and she is not going to cry anymore when he hurts her.

In the first song on the album titled “Heaven and Hell”, she sings about her lover being like Heaven. In a blend of RnB/Hiphop beats she tells her lover that being with him feels like heaven. The song which is characterized heavenly harmonic choir keys is a real curtain opener for the album. “Naked” is a song that she uses to ask her lover if she could actually trust him with her deepest secrete. According to her she wishes that her lover could really see her naked because according to her, he could take off her clothes and still not see her naked.

“Tattoo” is a song that she uses to describe the way she loves. According to her, when she love someone, she sticks to the person like a tattoo on a skin. She declares that just like a tattoo that she might hurt when they are getting to know. But promises that once he gets a bit of her that he will want more. “OMG what’s happening” is a groovy pop song which talks about the effect a lover of hers has on her. Claiming that she broke up with him but has since the then been wishing he was around. She laments that she has everything she needs but regrets that her lover is everything she needs.

“Call me tonight” is a song that she uses to tell a stranger she met to call her for a one night stand. She tells this stranger that if he wants to know her name, then he should call her tonight. Although she claims that she could break the heart of her this stranger in the morning, she tell him not to think about that but call her.

In a switch in lyrical content she sings about facing her fears and problems. In the song titled “Born to the Night”, she sings about being born to hard times but through all the issues she survives and thrives.


The songs in this album are really groovy and one tends to love them when one get to understand the messages of the songs. However songs like “Torn”, “Call me tonight”, “OMG what’s happening” and “call me tonight” could get people grooving away in the sound.  The flop songs are relative because the flop songs for one person may differ for another person. Ava Max did a really nice job with her music.

Ava Max Heaven and Hell Album Review

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