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Ava Max Sweet but Psycho Review

Amanda Ava Koci popularly known as Ava max is up on the charts in 17 countries with her hot new single and she share a real story in lyrics. Ava Max’s Sweet but Psycho is a song which explain why some relationships that one will ordinarily think will never work; happen to work for a long time. Teaming up with Circuit who doubles up as the producer and Madison Love they created some of the best lyrics that I have heard in 2019. This song deserves to be in the same level with most of the hit songs in Rita Ora’s last album because it is dope.


ust like different types stuffs in grocery stores all round the world so also are there different types of relationship. In relationships some partners are well suited for each other while in some other situations, one of the partner is not just suited for the other. On some rare occasion, the parties in the relationship are suited for each other but in a weird manner. Ave Max’s Sweet but Psycho single is one that paints a picture of such relationship were one partner is violent, nagging and unnecessarily demanding and all round crazy.

While the other partner is calm and a direct opposite of the other. Some of these relationship are very violent and even the calm partners in this relationship know it but don’t really care because in a funny way the pain and tension in the relationship bonds them together. The Albanian-American singer and songwriter uses the song to describe a crazy love relationship that one of the partner nags, demands and complain too much; often times frustrating her lover.

In the Bridge, She however declares that the only person who can be in a relationship with a crazy lady or guy who nags, fights and gets angry and sketchy is someone who is crazy like her. She buttresses this claim by alleging that some of these guys or ladies who gets into very violent relationship and remain do so because they love the pain and crazy.


I am a big fan of any music that starts with a steady progression especially with the removal of percussion at the intro. This is how this songs starts from the first four bars gradually with all of the detuned saw and sequence sound release when the intro is repeated as the chorus.

Henry Russell Walter also known as Cirkut produced the song and kept it simple adding every sequenced instruments in the beat play list one after the other while giving a different percussion line in the hook/Bridge of the beat. I have always believed that songs that become hits are song which the production keep simple but with good story telling and harmony.


If you are a person who interprets songs or any work of art based on visual imagery of the art then you are going to be wrong with is one. Ava Max’s Sweet but Psycho video was made with concept of a female serial killer who hunts after young men. She invites them to her house, drugs them and kills them. She and her video director paints a picture of a crazy lady but not in the direction of her song. Lovely video which keeps you watching from start to end.

Ava Max Sweet but Psycho Review

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