Be with you: A song for people planning to share their lives with someone Special

When last did you go to a bar or a dinner to have a bottle of beer or a cup of coffee and you hear an unknown Rock music band playing some nice rock music tune which really made you feel good.  That was the feeling I had the first time I listened to this song. I felt like I was munching a plate of fried eggs and bread with a cup of coffee in hand. Last week we brought you our esteemed followers and readers a song from the young Namibian kid William Cizare who makes his music in his mama’s house with his friends. This week we will be talking to you about a song from an older guy from Spring Arbor, Michigan in the United States who does soft Rock music. I had fun time talking with him about his music which he just kick started with an album titled Seafoam. Teaming up with some musician in Michigan and a producer from Vancouver; they produced some very nice music which you can listen to anytime you are free and need a music to add colour to your mood and day. It is a sing along love song for everyone with simple lyrics hence you don’t have to juggle your mind to be able to sing along. It is a song for people who have made up their mind to spend the rest of their life with whom they love. Be with you is a good song anybody into country music will like.


Greg Hurley uses this song to tell us that time moves so fast and it is necessary to be with those we love because just in a twinkle of an eye the years run by. He puts himself the music that all he wants it to be with those he love because the one he love lifts him every day, so moving on and letting go what they have is not option. He reveals that all would ever want to do is to be with his lover. He goes on the second verse declaring that he is not going anywhere because he is here to stay. He reveals that the reason for this action of his was because she believed and trusted in him when nobody trusted him. He finally tells her that she could go ahead and make future plans with him in the mix because all he would ever want is to be with her.


Made from strictly analogue sound, the music is made with strict use of the basic component of a drum kit which are the snare, kick, toms, hi-hat and crash cymbals. For the strings, the base guitar, lead tenor and Slayer guitars were used. I could also hear a supporting lead guitar with some choir harmonic keys which are all played in different layers. This song can be played by any bad. If you want to get this single or the album, then you can reach out to Greg on his Instagram address


I will prefer Greg and his team to make the video of this song in a bar or a dinner with a male and a female cast who will play the part in the music acts the script. They should try bringing the song home to the younger generation because the song is really nice for people who are making a decision to be together.


Valentine Chiamaka

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