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Afro pop is a very large genre of music with a lot sub-genre. Every part of Africa has elements of their cultural music that they mix with digital music production to create a perfect pop sound. In Nigeria for example, they have learnt to add elements of Juju music, Highlife, Ogene and many more Nigerian sounds to digital music production kits to produces massive hits. Nigeria have been creating new sound and trilling the world with it and a sound created by Rema is just another one.

Divine Ikubor who is also known as Rema blew into the music scene in Nigeria with his hit song “Iron man”. The first time I listened to “Iron man”, I was like the guy has a lot of Bollywood infunence. I wanted to write a piece about that music but I wanted to see if he will stick to that blend of music. It has been one year and he has tried to stay true to his sound which I call “Afro-indies” sound. Beamer is a club Afropop music which solidifies my claim that Rema has created a new sound. From the way the lyrics are sang to the way the percussion is sequenced using Talba (an Indian drum) and Bongos instead of congas is just thinking out of the box. Beamer can get every club dancing to Bollywood dance moves.


The song is centered on a guy who is asking a lady out. He opens up the song by introducing himself as a young African beamer who really wants to take the set lady out for dinner. Claiming he is regarded as the Godzilla in his neighborhood, he promises to protect and take care of her. In reply, the lady states that she like bad boys him.In the second verse he tells the lady that he is ready to invest, marry and stay loyal to her. He goes on to ask her how many kids she would love to have, stating that he cannot do anything without her love for him.


African music is all about the beat and this one is very interesting. Rvssian who produces the beat of this song tweaked Afrobeats and Indian vibes in one mix. The production is kept in close relationship with Bollywood sounds. Although there was an absence of tenor Talba, the kick used in this beat was dropped like the base of a Talba drum. Adding a bottle sound with some occasional snare sound gave it good Indian percussion line. On part of the beat that completes the circle is the rhythmic keys which is played with every drop of the kick.

As the song gets to the female response, percussion line is switched to Caribbean beats. It gives it same flair like Wizkid’s “Sound from the other side” album work on the song titled “Daddy yo”. Just like daddy yo, Rema uses a female voice for the vocal of the chorus. While using same interplay of kick and snare to create a groovy beat.


Videos are not really something of great importance in Afropop music because the song sells itself. However, I love the idea of starting the song with Rvssian working in the studio. That particular opening scene got me. The rest was just a show off and lacked quality in terms of ideas and creativity.

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