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Big Sean Detroit 2 Album Review

Big Sean, one of the other Detroit rapper who always shuts it down was at it again. Releasing the sequel of his Detroit mixtape is something a lot of fans would love. The album is just a general tale of everything that Big Sean has been through in his whole life. From his health issues as a teenager to poverty as a young man growing up in Detroit. This is the first article we will be writing about Big Sean whose real name is Sean Michael Leonard Anderson and it comes in association with an album which is packed full. Being a project made up of twenty one track, Big Sean created an album that people are supposed to get lost in the lengthy work. But from first listen, Sean dished out some really relatable vibe from the album.


The album is Hiphop rap album which is rapped on a mid-pitched vocal. There is no stress associated with the vocals. Just like what the Zulu man did with his album, it is easy to follow Sean verse for verse once one gets the lyrics. The album is a conversation from the first song to the end. The only switch is the multiple delivery style that he delivers them. Coming from Detroit one will think that he will stick to his 80s drum machine style and not go into the Atlanta trap music flavor, but he actual did in a couple of records. And those track he featured some trap music heavy weights like Travis Scott and Young Thug.

Unlike Detroit mixtape that had sixteen songs and fifteen featured artists; Detroit 2 had twenty-one tracks with over twenty guest artist. The quality of the lyrics can be said to be relatively same. But the power features in the album is really applaud-able. With Eminem and Lil Wayne topping the long list of veterans and leading pop stars in the album.

“Don Life” is a song that he sample Micheal Jackson’s human nature beat and features the Lil Tune Chi (Lil Wayne) himself. Using steady rhymes they rap about being irreplaceable in the music industry. Stating that their motivation is all about getting to the paper like its human nature, they state that Africans dominate the music because of the money in it.  Big Sean who conjures his Meek Mill vibe on this song, sounded and drove his verse like Meek Mill will. Although the ranting rap style was not like totally Meek, he really used Meek Mill’s sauce in the song.

In one of the best songs on the album titled “Lucky Me”, Sean sings about his life since he was born. He raps about growing up with different persons who have gone to prison for first or second degree murder instead of going to university for first or second class college degree. Furthermore he shares his experience of being diagnosed of heart disease as a teenager and almost went under the blade. He claims that he been through different humiliation and being born without gold on his feet. What makes “Lucky me” a unique song is the way he fuses both boom box beat and Trap beat together. It was like mixing different soup together with nobody noticing.

In summary the album is a really long play list and one cannot try to exhaust it an article. There are many songs to be drilled from this album and everyone has a song that will suit him or her. A song like “Why would I stop?” can get anybody dancing, while a song like “Guard your heart” will help on reflect on issues. It is an album that mumble rappers and free flow rappers will applaud. Big Sean did very well with this project and unlike Teyana Taylor’s album, this one has some songs that could spark up a room.

Big Sean Detroit 2 Album Review

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