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Time and time again we have critics and music lovers discuss Nigerian music and it’s recent fobia for good Rap Music. Recently Lil Kesh released a song recently and many can argue that he lacks Rap Maturity. Darkmagic Version 3.0 (Starving Artist) provides some level of maturity. For people who may not know Blackmagic: he is a Nigerian Rapper whose real name is Efemena Umukoro. He can be classified as an A-list Rapper when it regards songs with good content. He has had few songs that had good air play. But since he released his “Pass you By” single that was in his Version 2.0 album; he has not really had a hit song.

Version 3.0 (Starving Artist) just like his older albums can be classified as another mature album. It has songs that a thinking human and good lover of music can relate to. His message from day one has always been about self believe and winning in life. He made an album that could become a classic beyond the sores of Nigeria provided it is well promoted. Cooked with good production as it relates to instrument mastery and engineering. Blackmagic creates a very mature Rap album.


As stated earlier, Blackmagic’s primary message has always been “self belief and winning”. That is well showcased in this album with a few love songs. “Strong man” is a song that talks about his struggles growing up. He talks about loosing his father and facing harsh treatments from people. But was covered with love from his family and eventually holding on to the power of love. Adding a female vocal in the person of Tems to his album, had him create the song titled “Soon”. They sing about the thought and worries people have when they are looking unto a breakthrough. Blackmagic talks about loosing patience while waiting.

“Koole” talks about his life in the music industry and some social ill. Talking about how he created his own vibe and being original, he declares he had to copy a little of 2Pac. He talks about getting featured in songs that never got released; claiming that most of his verses are scarped because they hated him. “Ponmo” is a diss song on everybody in the industry. Declaring that there is no love in the music industry, he took some shots at popular cool fm OAP Kemismallz. In a direct message to all his mates in the industry, he declares that he will always say his mind and do his own thing irrespective of their feelings.

My personal best in this album is “No need”. It is a song that talks about his love story with life. He declares that his love story with life is not a Romance. Claiming that he has been disappointed, cheated on and screwed over by life. Blackmagic personifies life as a wicked Lover. However he claims that he had to get rid of his addiction to this love because there is no need to reason life. A super jam!


Many Nigerian Rappers have started understanding how to fuse American Hip-hop to Afropop and that is showcased in this album. From trap music in the song titled “Ego” to slow Afrobeats in “No need”. Blackmagic shows his diversity in sound with his flows and adaptation from a regular boom box rapper like 2pac to a mumble Rapper like Future.

The engineering of this album is mature because every instrument is given some very real attention. Although could not lay their hands on the producers of this project, we must testify to its quality.


All the songs in this album are hits. But like stated before, it all depends on its promotion. Some songs that will go very far is “No need”, “Ponmo”, “Strong man” and others. This album should be well promoted and it can even become a Grammy contender.