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Corona Virus has influenced the music industry in some very negative ways. Many artist have stopped their album from being released because they might lose money due to the lockdowns. Money made from in tours have been kept on hold. However Lil Uzi Vert, Troy Lanez, and DaBaby have all released albums this year. Dababy’s album (Blame it on Baby) debuted number one at the billboard 200 albums making it his second album to achieve that feat. The album is a relatively an interesting album although it can be argued that it was defined by just few songs.

Working with a large squad of featured artist, it must be understood that the likes of Quavo did not make the album thick, he just occupied space. Ruddy Ricch on the other hand helped Dababy create the best record on this album. Comparing this album with Lil Uzi vert and Troy Lanez’z album, one can easily rate this album titled Blame it on baby as the second best album. This album has three stories, variety in beats and flows but no real spark song apart from the song that features Ruddy Ricch


This is an auto biographical based album of which discusses different issues about Dababy’s life. “Can’t stop” which is the intro song of the album of the album has Dababy rap about being unstoppable. The song which the album is named after titled “Blame it on baby” has Dababy go ballistic on haters. He talks about people who are planning to cross his line. In his words, everybody are blaming something on him which he does not mind. He tells people trying to play the victim to continue playing victims. Warning people trying to cross his line, he tells them that the last person that did that died.

The best record of this album was done by Dababy and Ruddy Ricch and it is titled “Rockstar”. The song talks about his life as a rcokstar. In the song he highlights how he was like somebody suffering from post-traumatic syndrome (PTSD) because of poverty. He talks about earning everything he has by working very hard and getting his hands dirty. He brags about commiting homicide in front of his two year old daughter and claims he would not mind adding another person to that list. “Talk about it” is a song that discusses in details how he learnt hustling from his uncles since he was six years old. In his words, he says he is always working hard and now he has broken many records which includes being nominated for the Grammy. “Find my Way” is a song which has Dababy talk about his life being about finding his way. Talking about his hustle, he raps about hustling hard to catch the blessing he has been praying for most part of his life.

In some romantic/erotic songs he talks in some really explicit vocals. For example in the song titled “Nasty”, he talks about an ex of his who will never get worked in sex like they did. Working with Ashanti and Thee Stallion they created some really erotic love making hiphop jam. “Sad Sht” is a song that has Dababy reflect on the feelings his ex may be having now that he is famous. In his words, he says that he know his ex misses him. In a lyrics of missed emotions, he claims that he treated her well but only got his heart broken by this lady. In summary, the songs in this album are okay, they sound nice but the songs featuring Quavo and Future might not be listened to again because they are relatively dry. The song which feature Ruddy Ricch has good potentials.


Working with DJ K.I.D on most of the tracks of this album, they created some really good variety in sound, delivery and process. Although lots of work was not done in the mixings of this album, the mastering was relatively good. In terms of delivery, Dababy uses three different rap styles in his delivery of the songs in this album. He mumbles in the tracks have Quavo and Future and goes all 2Pac/Biggie in in the songs featuring Ashanti. In the song which he works with Ruddy, he sings, mumbles and use regular punchilnes. In general, the delivery of the raps we’re relatively interesting.

In terms of beats, there was no real creativity in sequencing. The beats although not busy which is supposed to make it sound vintage did not sound vintage. The production lacks good transition fx and could become very boring to listen to over time. The saving grace of the album is that some of the stories told are relatively interesting.


As stated before, the song featuring Quavo is a flop song. It will fade away sooner than it came out. The songs with real potentials of becoming hits is “Rockstar”, “Sad Sh*t”, “Find my way” and “Champion”. The rest songs are relatively boring.

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