Blinding Lights Review: Breaking the law for a lady

The box by Ruddy Rich has in the past weeks topped hot 100 charts but has been dethroned by The Weekend. Blinding Lights is a song which I would say only deserves to be on the billboard because of The Weekend’s Stan (Fans). Over the years The Weekend have built a wonderful fan base and that counts for something in this digital age. We all know that the number of streams and download affects the rating of a song. But there is an additional recipe that only Stans can make happen. Eminem is one of the artist that is benefiting from the special recipe. And this particular recipe is the force of a large fan base. Judging from when the song was realeased till now, I must say the fans did a great job. True fans who follow your music or work, depending on what you do, will always make you become a star from even the smallest of effort.
This song can last longer than “The Box” on the That can happen if it is well promoted and if people get to know what the song is all about.

The lyrics are very good and can stick to the lips when you have played it the number of times I have played it. Although it lacks the Soulful feel like most of his pervious works, I must say the song is infections especially when you allow the song sink into your mind.


This song makes me remember the song made by Celin Dion many years back titled “Drove all Night”. It was like singing about same topic but from the perspective of a guy; and The Weekend nailed it.

The Weekend has in the past years have strictly made love songs, hence he has his deep roots in soul music. Although he changes his delivery, he did not change the topic sentence of his music. He sings about a guy who has been by himself since his lover left him for a short trip. Talking to his lover in sweet melodies, he tells her why he decided to drive all Night to come see her. He States that he wants her to teach him how to love and informs her that he is already on his way to see her.

Painting a perfect picture in lyrics he tells her that he has been caught by the wind of loneliness hence he is breaking the law. He claims to be over speeding through the cold night. He however lets her know that there is no one in the streets hence nobody will criticize or judge him for over speeding. Using his chorus to tell her why he is breaking the laws of speed limits; he claims he just wants her to touch him. Buttressing his point, he lets her know that the day is breaking and he could not sleep hence he has to over speed to catch up.


This song is another rock and roll song with elements of Electronic dance music (EDM) that most people are going to love. The song opens up with a cinematic suspense base that blends into a rock and roll kick snare drum pattern. The drum pattern can takes any one back to the years when the “Queen” band was trending. The fast tempo of the Kick and snare could get any tenor slayer guitar blazing. But this beat made use of pads, keys, and orchestral strings to flow with the beat. To add some colour, there was the silent bongo that was played during the solo part and later switched for a Hi-hats in the chorus. The cinematic base line is used to give it a nice full bar base and bump.


At first I thought The Weekend was been portrayed as a vampire but at the end the story, it added up. Unlike the story of the song, the singer and his video director “Anton Tammi” made a sequel of the visual of his other song titled “heartless”. The suspense got me because it was telling a different story from what the music was all about.


Valentine Chiamaka

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