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Blood and Water Review by Ifeanyi Obaji. This is his first review. Read and enjoy the first episode below.

Blood and Water is a South African teen Drama series about a girl, her long lost sister and family secrets. Being Netflix’s second African series after Queen Sono involves a Girl trying to find her sister who was kidnapped at birth. Added to this drama, her family deals with a human trafficking charge.

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Opening scene sees a teenage girl Puleng Khumalo (Ama Gamata) lying on her bed reminiscing. It was her seventeenth birthday of her missing sister. For seventeen years her parents Thandeka (Gail mabalane) and Julius (Getmore Sithole) celebrated their lost daughter which to the dismay of Puleng and her little brother Siya (Odwa Gwanya) felt like they were competing for their parents love with a ghost. So when Puleng Bestie Zama (Cindy Mahlanga) invited her for a party, that was her perfect escape from all the drama her family was going through.

# Blood and Water Review


Its a proper teen drama about the rich spoilt kids in college, teenage shenanigans, sex & love, child trafficking & family secrets. Puleng and Fikile the major characters were fantastic in interpreting their roles. it ended in a cliffhanger which suggests that there will be a second season.


Blood & water is quite captivating. For those who love teen or high school series, you will enjoy it. I will give this series by netflix a solid 9/10. It is a must see & will get better over the next season.

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