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Timaya Born to Win

Timaya, a house hold name in Nigeria. And the self acclaimed “King of Commerical and dancehall music” have always remained consistent. In the Nigerian music industry, Timaya can be arguably regarded as one of the most consistent artist in mordern Nigerian prince music circle. He has created hit single, dope albums and mad EPs with his last one being “Chulo Vibes”. When ever I think of Timaya, another musician that comes to mind is Eminem. This is because they have the same template of work. They have successfully recycled same message from the first day they grabbed the mic till date. They can be said to be obviously gifted to be able to talk about same issues and senerios in a thousand different ways.

Although Timaya has dived into some other topics like issues about governance in Nigeria, love and turning up; the Ijaw Singer have always been drawn to his life of struggle before and during his enterance into the music scene. From songs like “Chinekeme” to “Plantain Seller”, Timaya have always been about how God saved him from poverty even when no one helped him.

What makes him unique is his method of delivery. Timaya has eveloved as the Nigerian music industry sound has evolved. He has been able to blend with the different Afropop gerne developed by different producers. Working with different producers from Young D, Mastercraft to Kel-P, he has been able to recycle same old information but has definitely got the dance hall dancing since early 2000s.


“Born to win” is a song that Timaya uses to talk about his motivation to work hard. Stating that he has to win because he had no body to help him out of his struggles, he claims that he will never get tired of hustling. Citing his troubles from when he had nothing, borrowing and selling of plantain to make hands meet; he declares that he has been hustling since he was a kid.

Timaya Born to Win

Further more he talks about the grace of God on his music and life. He tags how he has remained relievant to the music game as God’s grace . Reminiscing about his journey thus far, he talks about other artist in the music industry when he started and how they are no where to be found. He finishes off by stating that he will not be tired of hustling in the music game while linking his friends higher.


The song is made with a basic Afropop Ponpon beat with Afrobeats Shekere. There is no much work done by the producer. Most of the work was done by Timaya and the way he flows his lyrics. Having a mid-tempo pattern, the beat has a basic kick, wood and Shekere. To provide some elements of keys to it, a normal low octave ocestrial tune is played to weave the music together.

Timaya Born to Win

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