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BTS Dynamite Review

BTS which is a Korean pop band broke into the pop world in America in 2018. And just like any other pop band that is not of American or English origin is gradually turning into a pure American pop band. The group which has a rapper, beat producer and few singers were known for their ability to mix hiphop, RnB and soul together. However in this record titled Dynamite, they went full pop music. Blending pure pop music to a little amount of funk beat, they created a sound which has been on number one on the billboard for some time now.

This song is special because it is coming from a group that does not usually make pop or funk music. Songs like Dynamite comes from American or English pop bands like Back street boy or West life in their prime. Getting this type of music from a K-pop group is something new and the world noticed and it is paying off Def Jam records and Colombia music.

Furthermore, BTS made their mark singing in their native Korean language and were already accepted with that. In this record, they made a song that is sang in All English language. This naturally allows fans who never understood what they were singing about to appreciate the song first hand. Since Def Jam and Columbia music helped them secure a feature with Nicki Minaj in 2018, they have been finding a way to fuse English in their music. With Dynamite, they made an all English song and are truly becoming a full American pop band.

Finally the number of people who are streaming their songs have really multiplied since they have won over the American music followers. Remember they have conquered Asia which is the largest continent in the world and now they are conquering the hub of entertainment in the world which is America. As stated above, the BTS is no longer the Korean pop boy band but gradually becoming a real American brand.


The song is all about enjoying life and never caring about a thing. They admonish people to light up the world like a dynamite because life itself is a Dynamite. The song opens with BTS painting a lyrical picture of a person in a high spirit ready to go have fun. Stating that he is ready to jump to the top just like LeBron James does in a basketball court, he details how his proposed night is going to be. He starts by stating that he will have some Ice tea and later enjoy himself in a game of ping pong with friends.

The second verse continues the story but with a switch. He tells a third party to come join him in the club and if possible- bring a friend with him when he is coming. Telling everyone present in the club to loose control and let themselves free, he urge everyone to dance like they don’t care about the moment.

In a pre-chorus they paint a picture of being already in the club or whatever fun place they intend being at. Describing the sound as loud and heavy, he exclaims that life is good.  He finish off by claiming that he is a diamond and as a result he glow; hence the night was going to be fun. The chorus just has BTS sing about being stars and happy for people to watch as they light up like fire. According to them, they are ready to light up the city with their light and music just like the way blowing dynamite glows.

BTS Dynamite Review

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