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Buju Sorry I’m Late: His arguably the biggest next rated star

Buju TYE broke into the Nigerian music scene through BurnaBoy, the Grammy award winning artist’s record label: space ship records and since the beginning of 2021 he has kept a really dope energy. Unlike his co-next rated stars in the industry, Buju took a different route to success. Instead of coming out single  and EPs, he was marketed by being a guest feature in other people’s songs. He did not take those rare opportunities for granted and now he is an household name even before releasing his first body of work.

What this above tactics made him enjoy is the fact that he found himself having songs all year round. Unlike Rugar and Ayra Star who are also enjoying a really good year in 2021; Buju have been on the music atmosphere all year round and this body of work he just released is an icing an already great year.

The songs in the album are good Afropop songs and shows how careful Buju and his management are very careful with the way he wants to sound. The songs are cool vibes and it will be enjoyed by many including myself.


The album is about life and making it through life and becoming a champion doing it. In a song that has a blend of reggae and Hiphop missed in a two minutes fourty-three seconds track, Buju talks about his drive in the music game. The song is titled “I do” and he uses it to ask a question to people who are trying to succeed just like him. He asks them if they want the success they are seeking like he did want it. According to him he went through many stress and broken promises just to get to where he found himself. He declares himself as a champion because just like a boxer, he had to grind through pain for the success he is enjoying now.

My personal best song of the album is an Afro-fusion song which he makes with Nigerian Folk musician: The Cavemen. The song which is titled “Ogechukwu” and it talks about his success coming because it was God’s Time. The word “Ogechukwu” is an Igbo word that means “God’s Time”. According to him the vibes that he uses to make his music is an unending virtue of talent in him because it is supplied and watered by God. Cavemen added their flavour by telling the world to join them in a rich dance because they are giving the world a good music. What makes this song unique is the way it is mixed by reducing the base nob of the kick drum and the wonderful cultural high-life lead guitar sound used in it.

“Never Stopped” is another song which has me in deep thought about the quality of Buju. What gets me in musicians is how they are able to play with sound. Depending on how you listen to this song, you may call it an RnB track because of the way it sounds. But when you remember that the shekere and wood instruments are in the song then you know it still Afrobeats. The song talks about how hard he has been working. According to him he has never stopped hustling in life; he ask the world why he will stop now when he still has a great future ahead to run up to.

In summary the songs on this album are cool jams just like Khalid’s soul music but with a touch of Afrobeats to it. At the end of the year there is going be serious fight on who the best next rated star in Nigeria going to be. Listen to the album; it is a real dope body of work.

Buju Sorry I’m Late

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