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Burna boy, Wonderful Review

Burna boy has enjoyed two great years in music. From releasing hit singles to the release of his internationally recognized album: African Giant. He has gotten lots of accolades within and outside Nigeria which amongst many includes being nominated for the best international act on the Grammy stage. As often said in Africa, there is no smoke without fire. The fire of Burna’s global influence was made possible by Kel-Ps Afrofusion beats smoke. Afrofusion is a sound which is a sub genre of Afrobeats, makosa and ponpon beat with a tweak in the bass mixing. Because of the origin of the sound that makes up afrofusion, the sound does not totally cover the different types of music genre made in Africa. Makosa is a Congo music, Afrobeats and Ponpon beats is from Nigeria and Ghana hence Burna had to create something for the sounthern part of Africa.

Afrohouse is a gerne of music associated with Southern Africa. The gerne which was performed mostly by the south African music legend Chaka chaka, is one of the biggest Afropop sound of Africa. In recent times Artist like Niniola and Master KJ have been making hits with the gerne. And now Burna with his Africa domination goal has just released “Wonderful” to have some Afrohouse influence.

In terms of becoming a hit song; “Wonderful” may not become a hit song in Nigeria because of the obvious love people have for ponpon and Afrobeats. However in countries like Zambia, Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe, this song might just dominate the airplay. Rooted with deep Zulu music influence, the song might just become a hit song in the streets.


Burna boy uses this song to brag about his wonderful ways of making music and turning up events. Talking about what motivates him to work hard on creating hit songs, he talks about how he hates being perceived as a lazy man. He talks about trying to make his mother proud, hence he grinds hard in the studio making wonderful hit songs.

# Burna boy, Wonderful Review

Furthermore he goes on to brag about how his vibes hypnotizes people. Stating that when ever he gets into any stage, that he feels the music in his soul. And this feeling and energy is what catches the audience. He sings about some scenarios during his stage performance and how people are caught up in the music. Claiming that some people often behave like they are under the influence of drugs, he exclaims that people mistake it for voodoo. According to him, it is not voodoo but his sound energy which feels in his soul when performing.


The beat was made with a basic Afrohouse Snare and Kick. The major outstanding element of the production is in the acapella pattern of recording the lyrics. This show clear Zulu/Southern Africa influence. Also the Lead rhythmic key was sequenced to have pure elements of songs made by Brenda, Chaka chaka and Angelique Kidjo.

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