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Cardi B WAP Review

Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion must be on a very rare kind of high to go into a music studio to make this song. It is no news that Cardi was a stripper for a phase of her life. I do not mean to judge but from my particular point of view, I believe that when one has a sketchy past and has become successful; then he or she should talk less about it.

Taking a clue from one of the bad boys turned good in the street in the person of Jay-z, one can see what he does with his music. Yes he talks about pushing drugs and being part of gangs but he was never proud of topics in his music. He did not create songs that his kids will listen to in the future and wonder what kind of father they have. Cardi B has been a mother for a while now and there is urgent need for her to grow up. The fame is something she will have to live with all her life and making these kind of music will just hurt her image in the eyes of her daughter.

Everybody likes that she was able to make it out of the street and creating something for herself. Shoving the life that she lived as a stripper and probably a pleasure escort is not what she should do. Cardi B painted a lyrical picture of a lazy woman who knows nothing but having sex. That is not the kind of picture she wants to paint for her baby girl. I sincerely wish that she could retrieve this song from the internet space but that cannot be done.

Megan thee Stallion tried to give the song a kind of direction by spiting bars that had some in between the line meanings. But the corrupted lyrics that Cardi has already dished out was definitely going to cover all she was trying to do. This song will become a hit song no doubt but legacy of the song is very bad for Cardi B, her offspring and children generally. Cardi B needs to grow up from the stripper club girl and own the life of a Grammy winner which she is. This talk of how a woman’s pleasure chamber sounds during sex is just nonsense and poetic stupidity.


The song talks about how Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion’s pleasure chamber sounds during sex. Using some very x-rated vocals, Cardi B explained herself. Megan on the other hand supported her tale by giving her own version of sex position but underlined that she paid her bills and sent herself to school using the money she made from sleeping with men.

Cardi B WAP Review

Cardi B opens up the song by claiming that she was a certified lady of pleasure for seven days of the week. She paints a lyrical picture of how good her pleasure chamber was and how the numerous men she was with liked it. She goes into the first verse by lyrical painting a picture of her experience with some mature men. Talking amount their tool she describes the satisfaction she has when the men slide into her. Talking about other situation which involved role playing or submissive sex, she declares that she is always providing them with very good and pleasurable sex.

One of the negative parts of this song is in the way she finishes off her first verse by declaring that she does not know how to be a home keeper. She states that she does not cook or clean but knows how to give a man pleasure through sex.

Megan lends a voice to the erotic lyrics by claiming that she know how to go about giving pleasure to a man. The only thing that has sense is the part of the record where she gives the reason why she is a lady of pleasure.

Cardi B WAP Review

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