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Canadian Rapper and song writer Aubrey Drake Graham has been criticized a lot for diluting the rap culture. Most people blame him for the sing Rap game made by many rappers of this age. Dreezy is no doubt a talented musician with good voice to sing and a good brain to rap. But the problem he has always had is that people have refused to accept that Drake is special. He is the border line of Rapping and Singing. In other words he is one rear musician who can never go wrong weather he is singing or rapping. Care Package Album is an album which affirms that Drake can sing and Rap.

Scorpion which was released sometime back was a good album but was highly criticized for the excessive singing and use of trap beat. Critics including us at cillacritic tongue lashed it. Even though we loved the song “God’s Plan” and wrote a wonderful review of it for Talking about it to some music critics like me; we were of the opinion that Drake was making songs and leaving what made him. Other rappers called him a lady’s rapper because he made songs that ladies could sing along. Care Package Album is a whole new bowl of soup. A fine dish of good Hiphop which features some real bars mixed singing. Producing lesser trap beats giving room for some Boom Bass beats.


The greatest rappers that I have ever listened to are Rappers who know how to express their life struggles and issues on the bars they spit. Drake went all honest on the album discussing issues of love, human nature, being rich and Friends turned Enemies. Drake has gotten very successful with his music and that has its negative issues too. Drake uses this album to explain the problems he faces now. Using this album to express himself, Drake tells the world that he has problem which originated he became rich, famous and successful.

“Trust issues” is a song that explains to the world that he does not really trust people especially women. Drake explains that he has issues believing people because he feels everyone wants a piece of him for their selfish interest. In another song titled “4pm in Calabasas”, Drake talks about the people in the hood who never really believed in his dreams. He talks about becoming big and having to deal with the fake smile and friendship they have shown since he became a big shot. In “5am in Toronto”, he talks about becoming rich and always trying to show love to his friends. He claims that he has always received hate from people he showed love. He declares that he is living a Sinatra kind of lifestyle by making money, being famous and remaining relevant for many hears. In an epic song titled “The Motion”, Drake talks about human nature. He explains that the basic motion of human is selfish. He explains that people only stay around people when they have something to gain and stay away when they have gotten the help.

“I Get Lonely” which features Drake singing; talks about his feelings as a human. Expressing himself, Drake declares that he get lonely too because he is human. “Girl love Beyoncé” which feature James Fauntleroy is a song that Drake sings of commitment from ones lover. In the song he asks for more show of commitment and affection from his lover.


This album can be regarded as a Noah “40” Shebib album because of work on most of the song. Producing twelve song out of seventeen songs on this album is unique. He is obviously the reason Drake had to stick to the 808 drum machine sounds and Pad patterns. His work on “The Motion” is one of the best piece of music in this album and it is characterized by an intro made up of Baseline backed by a Padline. “40” gave this album its identity and sauce. He totally scrapped Trap beat and made Hiphop beat with some early 2000s flavour. “Jodeci Freestyle” which features J-Cole is a pure boom bass gang star beat which has lots of cymbals and pure Drum machine sounds giving a real rich Rap beat. I personally love the influence that “40” had on this album. He kept Drake in line and that good for the culture.


“The Motion” is a Hit song because of the production, message and transition. Drake, Sampha and “40” did a good job on the music. J-Cole is a proven hit maker hence “Jodeci Freestyle” is also going to become hit because both artist have good street credibility. Another good song that can be rocked is “Dreams Money can buy”. Apart from the message which inspires dreamers and goal getter; it has good production. Again “40” made a good piece of production. “5am in Toronto” and “4pm in Calabasas” are also good songs. It hard picking a bad song in this album. The problem is that all the songs in this album might not become a classic or get to the “God’s Plan” level of success.

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