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Before Adele stole the world with her mature love music, Celin Dion was always making us enjoy hers. She made good blues, EDM and RnB songs that could soak into the soul of any listener. I would not know of some other parts of Africa but in Nigeria (Africa); there was some kind of Celin Dion fever. However she has had a quiet time in the past seventeen years. When I bumped into her album titled “courage”; I was determined to listen to all the songs. Just like always, Celin made some real love songs that just brought back sweet memories. With music becoming overly influenced by production and less of lyrical quality, Celin creates a real good song that can melt ones heart. “Courage” is a good album and if she was in vogue and know by kids of these days, she might have gone platnium with this album in a matter of hours. Imperfections is one of the first songs that caught my undivided attention. I believe everyone who is struggling with handling a relationship because of personal issues should listen to it.

The Massage

Debuting at number thirteen on the billboard top 100 singles, Imperfections talks about love in a different way. She paints a picture of a lady who has bluntly refused to allow herself fall in love with a guy because she is not ready. She claims to have tried to allow herself fall in love but because of issues bordering on her past experiences and love has stopped her. She kind of makes it look like she has been in a relationship where she did not do enough to protect the love she was shown. She tags it an perfection which has inevitably made her hate herself. Therefore in a bid to not repeat same mistake with a new man, she declares that she want to learn to love and trust herself. She assures the man in question that she doesn’t mean to shelf him or friend zone him but rather she wants to deal with the scares from the previous relationship by fixing her flaws.

The Beat

Opening up with an electric keyboard sound and a kind of finger snap snare and hat; DallasK created a sound that falls between pure blues and Electronic dance music (EDM). He creates a sound that is good for meditating and dancing. A percaussion sounding loop which serves like a conga creates one of the basic tunes for this song. He also uses some trap Hi-hats to make the song sound a little bit of hip-hop while blending it with a steady played keyboard line and bassline. The beat is kept basic and that can be said also of the mixing and mastering. There was little use of reverbs and almost no use of phasers for fine tuning.

In terms of arrangement of lyrics, Celin Dion working with Ari Leff, Micheal Pullack and a few others; made a basic song. Using same lyrics to end a verse and as the chorus is some real great job coming from them. The resonance and transition of vocals was kept basic with little or no strain to the performer or anybody who will like to sing along. Although I am not mush surprised by this approach of music creation by Celin Dion because she trys as much to make sing along songs. No wonder her songs are always a major hit in the public. Tombs up to the production team of this epic song which could reach a very good peak if promoted appropriately.

The Video

The video of this good song does not really project this song. It is dry and not what one will expect. Celin Dion and her group should have gone with a better concept. Using a younger generation would have been a nice idea. Watching Celin Dion model is not what kids from this generation will want to see two times. Although the monochromatic imaging is good, I would have preferred her trying to tell a story. A litle bit of drama would have lighted up this song.