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Certified Lover Boy Review: A lash out on Haters

Drake is one of the most successful musicians on earth judging from record sales and awards won. But the question that have always surrounded his craft is: Is Drake a dope MC? That question can be a yes or a no depending on how you look at it. However if you want judge it using some life philosophy and principle, one could easily say his not much of an MC like he is a singer.

It is a popular saying that people show their true colours over time and that is what Drake is showing everyday as he tries to stay relevant in the music industry. Drake blew into the scene as a Rapper with suiting punchlines but for the past 6years, the onetime MC who made a street anthem that featured veteran MCs like Lil Wanye and Eminem have become an artist who lovers of Rap music frown at. And his release of Certified Lover Boy will have added fuel to the already burning fire of rejection from the Rap community. One cannot call a person’s creative work trash because of the fact that it is “creative” which means bringing something new to life. But with this body of work Drake put out, he is definitely going to attract that.


Although he did a lot for the roll out of the album and promotion, I must say that the songs could make one sleep while the playlist plays. Although there are some serious songs like “7am On Bridle Path”, “Love all” and “Fair Trade” which he features Travis; the volume of unserious singing in a body of work made by a supposed rapper is just a total turn off.

He may make wonderful market sales because of course, he is Drake, but the truth is if rap album are represented by burning candle lights; Drake’s CLB will be out with a little rap wind of a better album.


The Lyrical theme of this album is kind of ambiguous if one is judging from the title of the album. If you are a neutral to music and you heard the title, you will think it is going to be all about love songs. In reality, it is a body of work split into for major topics. But what stands out in terms of lyrical theme is Drake responding to critic-especially from fellow rappers and friends (Frenemies).

For example in one of my personal best of the album titled: “7am On Bridle Path” he addresses to people who claim to be his hommies yet they don’t really love him. According to him everybody should always tell him what they want from him rather than fake and plot evil underground.

Same topic is also talked about in the song which he feature Shawn Carter aka Jay Z titled “Love all”. Drake who picks up his singing voice talks about people turning their back on him for no reason.  And declares that some of his hommies do not love him while stating that most he has discovered that people never really care until one was dead. Working with Travis Scott, they created a song titled “fair Trade”. Fair trade is a song which he calls loosing people he thought were his friends because of hate. He calls it a fair trade because he traded haters for happiness; hence he won.

The above three works and other songs like “Champangne Poetry”, “No friends in the Industry” and more are all lash back on Haters. In a switch of sound he works with up and coming Nigerian music Act: Tems. In the Afrobeats related song titled: “Fountains”, he makes a love song. The song talks about making one’s mind to spend the rest of one’s life with that special partner.

Certified Lover Boy Review

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