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Chadwick Boseman

Some days have passed since the passing on of Chadwick Boseman and the world have been celebrating his legacy as a man who showed the world the rich cultural strength of Africans.  He is called T’challa, the King of fictional Wakanda country. That he took the Black Panther role actually fascinates one but what fascinates one even more is his personal life and how he piloted it. Chadwick was not a man who was going to make lots of noise but people were always going to hear him. It is often said that if you want to know how great a person is, observe his life-style.

We at, took a time out to review some his striking attributes.

Chadwick Boseman As the Black Panther

He chose his path

Chadwick was a man who knew what he wanted and comfortable with and he chose it. Becoming an actor for him could be said to be something of calling. He went to college to get educated in the Fine Arts of Directing and jumped into the mix. When he got into the mix, he chose to tell stories of others. From the story of Ernie Davis in his 2006 movie titled the Express, to his epic performance of James Brown in his 2014 movie titled Get on up, Chadwick was a man who could wear the role of the people he portrayed. He was a good actor because he chose his path and followed it to death.

He was a hero to himself

Diagnosed of stage III Colorectal cancer (CRC) aka Colon Cancer at the age of thirty-nine was obviously the biggest blow any young person in his prime could have. For most people who do not know what this disease is: it is a growth that grows inside the large intestine. This could make a person stool blood and loose weight massively. Chadwick was dealing with this crazy ailment and he was able to finish off projects like Gods of Egypt, Captain America: Civil war and Message from the King all in the same year.

 Normally, someone who did not have the hero-like mind of accepting his or her situation and making the most of it would have drowned in his or her sorrow. But that was not Chadwick, instead he took it as a motivation and premiered in the movie that will immortalize him in the mind of children in 2018: Black Panther.  He was first of all a hero to himself before becoming a hero to the Marvel studio universe. He became Chadwick the man who wanted to enjoy life instead of drowning in sorrow for cancer. And became T’challa, the king and protector of Wakanda.

He knew how to say thank you for yesterday

Researching through his life and history, there was at least two different locations that he openly celebrated his mentor. Denzel Washington was the man who paid Chadwick tuition fees without know him and doubled as his mentor. Without pride and shame, he always ascribed the honor that was due Denzel at every small opportunity. He knew what he would have become if the people that invested in him knowingly and unknowingly did not. Chadwick lived his life saying thank to them and celebrating them in the best way he can. He was a man that knew how to say thank you for yesterday.

Chadwick Boseman and his Mentor Denzel Washington

He gave back to the community

Being a Cancer patient and motivating others to pursue their dreams and make life happen took some mental strength. For a man who knew that his life was going to become vanity in a matter of time- to give back to the world was legendary. His outreach to cancer patients like himself was some next level good work. His motivation speech to graduating classes of different university colleges are all a pointer that he wanted to always give back to the world in his best possible way.

His private life was private

The entertainment world is full of attention seekers. People who want to be celebrated when they are in their place of glory. And people who want to be pitied when they are in their low places. When we were prepping for this article, we googled to find pictures of Chadwick being sick and all we could see was three images. There are lots of people who go for a regular procedures in the hospital and have the whole world talking about it. Chadwick knew how to control his people and his private life was kept private. He did not see his sickness as honor or a magnet of self-pity but a personal life issue. He kept himself, wife and family safe from the nonsense that stuff like these raises. A true private man.

He lived life the fullest

Diagnosed of Cancer and going on to feature in seven movies is what we call living life to the fullest. He enjoyed what he did and he stuck with it. He made the most of his life with his family and the camera men. He knew his life was in an on or off switch hence he decided to live it while it lasted.

Chadwick Boseman

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