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Championship Review: A product of Positive use of Negative Energy

Wiping my window glass and grooving to this album can be defined as the best way to express how good this album is. We could all agree that in some part of our lifetimes that there are sometimes that the wind of negative energy blows us. The outcome of this situation is usually dependent on how we handle it. The question most times is: “Do we stay down and allow the bad energy to totally drain us by acting in a negative way?” or “We channel the bad energy into taking some positive steps”. Robert Rihmeek Williams aka Meek Mill, uses this Championship album to show the world what channeling Negative Energy into Positive energy is. Like he said in his interviews; feeling like a champion after all he has been through is some real level of positivity.

This album pushed Mill away from the rap flow he was used to. He tried his hand in different rap styles from slow rap style to steady rhymes which are not his usually style. Also in terms of beats, Meek went ballistic spitting on beats that I have not heard him flow to since I got to listen to him. It seems his recent trouble of going to jail broke him loose musically. This album reflects a man who has a new motivation in the craft that he so much love.  All the songs are lit and what listening to because he did everything right. Meek got a lot of love from his co-musicians in the industry with features from musical heavyweights like Jay-z, Rick Ross, Ella Mai, Drake, Kodak black, 21 Savage and many more. One possible controversy that this album might bring is his choice to feature his ex-girlfriend nemesis in the track titled “on me”. But that notwithstanding, this is a good album and the 25 producers made a dope work of art. Special recognition has to be given to Papamitrou for his productions in “intro”, “up town vibes”,  “cold hearted II” and respect the game. Dario productions is another Producer who made the Album thick with his piece of artwork titled “what is free”. This album is just another win for HipHop music.

This album focuses on issues from the projects and the America Prison system. He discusses the troubles of children who grew up in the wood. He shares stories of the unhealthy treatments that adults in the projects suffer. He goes after the American justice system and how they are always trying to lock up a black guys in the hood. He also discusses love related issues in songs that talk about real love, money and women. He talks about loyalty, good and fake friends around him and how they reacted to his time of horror.

Songs Based on issues from the Projects and Jail

In the most interesting song of all the song in this album; Meek teams up with the Boss Rick Ross and Jay-z. They made a music titled “What is free” where they define what it really means to be free. He pours his heart out letting the world know how they locked him up. He claims that all has done since he made all his money and fame is cleaning up the street which the justice system has destroyed. He claims that yes he made mistakes but being sentenced to jail was not what he deserved. Jay-z made a very serious claim which has been lingering on the bad wrong doings of the billboard charts but that will be a discussion for another day. In this song, Meek Mill claims that some people who are sent to jail don’t deserve the Jail because it does more harm than good.

“Trauma” had him talk about how he felt when he was sentenced to jail. He explains that it affected his family and him in a bad way. He explains that at a point he hated black people just because a black woman was the judge that sentenced him to prison. He talks about his mum who once dreamed of him attending Yale University and avoiding prison. He says that he felt bad when his mum finally saw him become a prisoner.

Kodak Black who is also a Musical Jail veteran teams up with Meek and made the song titled “Tic Tac Toe”. They discuss about everything relating to growing up and becoming big in the hood. They claim that the hood is filled with snitches who will want to bring you down at every possible means.

“Oodles O’ Noodles Babies” has Meek talk about growing up in a dead hood where nobody thinks or believe that a black kid will make it. He talks about their parents being single mothers and on drugs. He claims that even with the ups and down that they finally made it. “100 summers” talk about his struggles and how he feels like he disappointed his mentors in the hood told him to stay out of prison. He say that all he wants is to be free taking a walk on a beautiful summer day.

“Stuck in my Ways” has Meek talking about his general lifestyle and how he can’t change who he is. He claims that he might be greedy but that’s who he is and how he wants to be. He declares that with all his flaws and wins, that he is a living legend.

Songs Based on Love, money and Women

Teaming up with Cardi B, future, Roddy Ricch, Young Thug on “On Me” and “Splash Warning”; they discuss living flamboyant and rich life. “Up town Vibes” had him discuss living a flamboyant like style as a young man.

“Almost Slipped” had Meek Mill discuss a lady he was once involved with whom he had to cut ties with because of the bad issues she had. He claimed that he loved her but the problem was that he had a carrier to protect hence he had to run away from her.

24/7 has Ella bring in her sauce and voice in a story of love. Meek talks about not being able to stay away from his lover. He claims to be ready to do anything for his lover 24hours a day and 7days a week.

“Dangerous” which feature Jeremih and PnB Rock give a slow RnB/HipHop song. It talks about being thankful to God and his lady lover who stayed with him even with the changes in situation that both of them have been through.

Songs Based on Loyalty, good and Fake Friends

In the “intro” song, he goes full throttle on the mic dishing how punchlines about fake friends and guys in his hood. He called all the people who never believed in him out. He also went after those who ratted on him; calling them out while begging God to forgive him of all the wrong this he has done to make money. He states that he really does regret some things he did and said.

“Going Bad” which features Drake and they teaming up together created a song which discusses using and dumping someone. They claim that working and having a good time working or dating someone does not necessarily mean they are involved in a lasting relationship.

“Cold Hearted II” is a song which I really love because of the emotional loop that plays in the background. Meek talks about his friend who he thought were loyal to him till death but realizing that they were all pretenders when he got jailed. He talks about people he believed in telling the world that “Meek Mill is finished”. He talks about him making it out of prison to meet them opening their hands like holocaust claiming that they helped his family when he was in prison. He talks about a lot of things but claims that the only person he feels he owes among his friends is doing life time in Jail. He declares that he talks to him every day of the week because that friend of his deserves more than that. In “pay you back”, 21 Savage teams up in the track sharing the message of paying people back on same seed which they sowed when they were broke.

Songs Based on Advice to the kids and Youths of the hood

“Championship” had Meek Mill become a preacher even if he claims he is not. He gives valid advice to young kids in the hood who are almost making it into prison. He tells them to try and make it positively and that means dumping the guns and the gangs and beating the system. He claims that the schools are underfunded while the prisons are thrown wide open to accept kids when they mess up. He admonishes them to beat the street and live a life outside Juvenal detention and prisons.

“Respect the Game” has Meek giving advice to young men in the hood. He tells them to follow the rules of the street which is understanding that you will be celebrated by everyone when you are up and ditched when you are on a low.


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