Cheap Lockdown Fashion

As Corona Virus keeps people, economic and social activities at home, people have had to recycle their fashion style. The clothing people wear have changed over the weeks from official, classy, trendy and expensive to casual, domestic, regular and relatively cheap. With no office to go to, the collection of long sleeved shirts and suits in people’s closet have all be put on hold. With Night clubs, bars, parks and other fun places closed down, people have had no use for the more sophisticated designer clothes. Rather people have gone for cheap lockdown fashion of regular every day wear which they only wear when they were at home.

The reason for this sudden change is because when one is at home, the activities carried out are relatively few. Apart from clearing the lawn, house chores, cooking, eating and sleeping; other activities like gaming, working from home and reading are all activities done in casual wear. What this change in the type of clothe people wear does an awakening to the new truth. The truth is the reality that people’s wardrobe (closet) does not have these regular wears like they should. We cannot blame people for this because the average time people spend in this clothes used to be relatively low. However with the lockdown which has kept people inside, people are wishing they has enough of these everyday wears. To reduce the rate at which they wash and wear the once they have. Below are few of these clothing that have become the new lockdown fashion trend around the world.


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