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Cheque Bravo Album Review: Listen before you negatively Judge

Musicians are not really remembered by singles but are crystalized after decades of their carrier by the the number of albums they released. That is why every musician tries to put in a 100% in the work they do when they are working a body of work like an album. Whether it is an extended playlist (EP) or a long playlist (LP), every music artist tries to put in 100% in making the songs on the album interesting enough.

In the case of Cheque’s new album which he titles “Bravo”; One might be quick to say the album is bad but will be wrong by a mile. The songs on the album are interesting and will water the mind of anybody listening to the songs. The Trap songs on the album are quite rich lyrically and easy to sing along. The few afropop songs on the album are a vibe. And his featured stars did a good job.


“Change” will be a hit song for people who love emo-rap music and have the luxry of time to listen to good rap music that has meaning. “LOML” has the potential of becoming a street hit because of the presence of Olamide and the vibe of beat. Songs like “Pray” which is produced by ELi may also pop up too espcially among ladies.


Cheque is majorly a trap beat emo-rap artist who makes songs that sound like singing and rapping at the same time. He does that effectively while working with BeatbyJayy. Songs like “Blind”, “Anybody”, “No one Else” are songs which are trap sounds and Cheque killed it because it is his natural Habitat. Adding some Afropop flavor to it he made “Body” and “LOML” with Zaki and they are really dope. Another good mention is Deyjan’s work with Change. “Change” is one dope song that can make it into the ranks of “history” and “Call you Baby”.


The album is lyrically themed on his wins in life and love. In the life songs, he uses the song to discuss his previous struggles in life and how it has turned for better. Furthermore he sheds lights on people’s opinions about him and how he tries to prove them wrong.

“Change” is one of the songs on the project that can be really relatable and could be a possible hit. The Trap beat piece of music talks about how the money he has made has not changed his attitude towards his day-one friends. According to him, many people thought he was going to stay away from his home boys when he finally made it in the industry. But he declared that he has made money and still has his home boys riding with him.

Working with Hiphop music producer: BeatsbyJay, they created a song titled “Anybody”. In this song he brags about his fluidity and lifestyle. He sings about the streets knowing that he is the man. According to him, he is neither scared nor afraid by anybody coming against him.

In another song that he brag about his life again, he raps about being free in a song that he title’s “Free”. In this song he explains that nothing scares him because he has come a long way crossing many life issues. To stamp his authority he declares that he lives his life because he is free. He finishes it up by claiming that if anybody or group tries to come against him, then they will surely fall. He also crafts the lyrics of another song titled “Rockstar” same way-talking about surviving the struggles.

In a switch in sound; he features his boss’s pal in the person of Olamide, they created Afro Caribbean alternate sound titled “LOML”. The song which is a love song, talks about a lover who showed him love unconditionally.

Adding to the guest artist on the project, Cheque made a song with soon to be Mavin records Queen Ayra Star. The ponpon beat song is about falling in love with someone you know is risky but going ahead all the same because you have fallen deeply.

Cheque Bravo Album Review

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