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Nigerian Rap circle has been on a kind of rejuvenation in 2020. In just this year, Black Magic, Olamide, MI and a relatively new pop star: “Eclipes Nkasi” have all released albums. I have listened to all of these albums and they are the purest of Rap albums that Nigerian Rappers have done in recent years. It is not in the same category or class of songs made by NairaMarley and Zlatan Ibile. These albums are mature records with something to pick from each track. While many people are aware of who Olamide, Black Magic and MI are; only few persons know who Eclipse Nkasi is. However with this kind of Album which we at have been jamming to for more than a month now; Nkasi will soon become an household name.

Child of Destiny which was released by Eclipse Nkasi on February 7th; can be regarded as the best Rap album so far in Nigeria. With all due respect to Olamide and MI and any other MC who must have released a good album this year, Nkasi just beat them to the best album so far. Rap music are unique from other songs because of the message, storytelling and ability to captivate minds. Putting those into consideration, this album was made with all those qualities married with dope beats. Nkasi made an album that one can hardly skip any track. I have listened to lots of songs in 2020 but Nkasi has totally blown me away with his vocal skills, storytelling and production. If we are to rate an album between one and Ten then “Child of Destiny” will be somewhere around eight.


Every Artist who makes it big in the music industry has a story to tell. The “the wild Bunch” artist tapped into the struggles, question, fear and love that an up and coming artist goes through in the making of this album. In an album which he sells himself as a guy who believes in God and his musical hustle; Nkasi goes spiritual and local depending on the message he is trying to send.
In the song titled “I need You”, Nkasi talks about the helplessness of man. Begging God to help him through life, Nkasi outlines how he has lost his way when he went on his own ways. He talks about working hard and reaping nothing because he put his trust in man. Trying to admonish his fans, he tells them never to put their trust in friends because some humans are wolf in sheep clothing. “Could have been worse” is a song that talks about thanksgiving. He uses this song to tell the world that events that were tagged “bad” could have been worse. Talking about his previous failures in the music industry, he claims that the losses he experience could have been worse. “Odeshi” talks about self confidence, belive in one’s process, skills and faith in God.

In “Prepare for war” he talks about how life is all vanity. Nkasi talks about life as a war of suppressing ourselves from the pursuit of vanity. He declares that everybody will always rise and fall. “Hope you Catch me” is song that talks about brotherhood and love shown to people in distress. He asks everybody if they will catch him if he falls from stardom or dies. “King Right Now” is a song that addresses some social ills like gossip, gambling and laziness. He talks about leveling up and making something out of one’s life so as to roll like a king.

Listening to Clay sing the Chorus to the song titled “Falling” made me think that “Sia” was in his album until I saw the person feature. Giniz voiced a soul soaking chorus that blends well with a song that talks about heart break. Unlike most heart break music, this song is not about love. It talks about a heart break that life gives to people when they are not being successful in what they are doing.


This is a boom box/ early 2000 trap album which was produced with basic hiphop rules of hiphop production taken into consideration. In “prepare for war” there was little blend of afrobeats flavour but apart from that that, all the other songs are hardcore. I am totally drawn to the song which features Salminswaggz. The song is characterized of 808 base-kicks and catholic cinematic sound effects. Listening to “sometimes” will make anybody think he or she is watching a final fight scene in James Bond movie. The choice of snare, high hats and use of 808 baseline is just supersonic.

The production of the slow beat songs in this album was done with some real tender skills. “Call on me” “falling” and “Tempted” are songs which standout because of the vocals. The Rhyme pattern are kept simple with a powerful chorus rendition from Giniz, Clay and Nkasi.


I have been listening to “Child of Destiney” for one month and all the songs have the classic seeds in them. The international market will appreciate this work of art because it is universal. Although it might have issues of sales in Nigeria-it is a good album with no flops.

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