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Chromatica album Review: Love, Ambiguity and EDM

Lady Gaga whose real names are Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta have always been a lady in the eyes of people; for her crazy, style and smashing looks. Also she has a great way of making music and she has shown that over the years. Always clothing her songs with abibuity, Lady Gaga has created a signature sound where people do not really understand what she is singing about.

In most of her songs one could be lost in the sound, hardly knowing if she is singing for love, religion or female power. However with her pop and electronic dance music, Gaga becomes a sound gem in the midst of other pop artist. The songs in chromatica album are relatively great. It is relative because people who do not love pop or EDM will not find it interesting. But the songs in this album as songs tat one can put on a replay because they are very good songs.


The album is themed on love, music, dance, women liberty and abstract issues. Abstract because one can not definitely say that lady Gaga is singing about A or B. But listening to the songs, one could deduce that her lyrics were crafted to a particular person, place or thing. A real form of abstract musical style.

In the song titled “Alice”, she sings for the DJ in the club she went to. In her words, her name is not Alice but claims that she like the little girl in the book: “Alice in the Wonder Land”; was craving for a musical/dance adventure. “Stupid love” is a song about a love story that has lots of craziness. According to Lady Gaga after professing her love for her lover; she tells him that she wants his stupid love. Because as disfunctional as the love they have, she claims that it is that kind of freaky love that she needs.

# Chromatica album Review

In one of the abstract songs that Gaga makes, she feature Ariana Grande. The song which is titled “Rain on me” sounds like a love song or a religious song. Asking her lover to rain on him, she tells him that she never believed in things being free. According to her and Ariana, the type of love they are expecting from their lover was something that will not be always sweet. Calling her lover a tsunami, she claims she could be his Galaxy that he could express his love and rage for. This is a real confusing music because lady Gaga will have to really clarify the meaning of her song.

“Free Woman” is song that talks about her nature as a dependent lady. In her words, she states that she will always think in her heart to be a free Woman, liberated from men. But she claims that anytime she thinks of such things, she remembers that she always needs someone to steady her, hence she is not ever going to be independent of a support personality. “Fun tonight” is a song that talks about breaking a relationship which is not working. According to her, she is not feeling the fun in the relationship any more. “911” is a song that talks about the excessive craziness of Lady Gaga. She claims that she is so disfunctional that she is the biggest enemy of her life. She begs people to call 911.

In a song that starts with a unique intro, Gaga describes herself like a plastic doll in the song titled “Plastic Doll”. Stating that she might seem like a doll gotten from the top shelf of a shop; she warns her man that she is not his plastic doll. That he can treat anyhow he feels like. He tells him to treat her with care and love. Working with Blackpink they created another song titled “Sour Candy”. In this song, Gaga describes herself as a sour candy that has a funny taste. Claiming that she should be fun and annoying to be with, she tells him that she does not want to be fixed. According to her, she might seem hard but with time she can soften and become cool to be with.

“Enigma” is a song that she uses to tell her lover that she could be his love Enigma. Claiming that it could just be a one night stand, she claims that she will be his enigma if only it is for one night. “Replay” is a song that has an ambiguity to it. From what we understand, the song is about a lady who have been heart broken and because of the bad breakups, she claims the scars on her heart are on replay. She calls her man a monster who has kept scares on her mind that are on replay.

Working with the legendary Elton John, they made a song titled “Sine from above”. The song talks about the way they felt when they were younger. According to them, they felt immortal even everyday was a struggle. Stating that as younger fellows, that she always prayed for signs from above and eventually she become a sign before she could see the sign she prayed for. Elton in his verse states that he lost himself living just one day and one day alone. But claimed that it was all studpidity. This is a really classy song.

“1000 doves” is a song that Gaga uses to pour her heart out. She claims to be lonely so she need her lover to treat her like a dove. She claims that if she is treats that way, that she will fly like a thousand doves. “Babylon” is a love song that she tells her lover to come be with her and they will have a fun weekend like it is done in ancient Babylonian way.

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