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Read about Chucks and Air Jordan while viewing the slide shows below.

Adidas, Nike, New Balance, and other sports kitting companies around the world have been providing athletes with kits for their sports. These made many sport men and women become brand ambassadors for these sport kitting companies. While a lot of these companies produces different variety of shoes and have lot of ambassadors, many of them hardly hard sales men who are sports men. For companies who had sports men as sales men, they eventually created brands that has or will outlive generations and centuries. Two sports men who were also sale personnel are Chuck Taylor and Michael Jordan. These men sold shoes that were supposed to be strictly basketball boots and made them become casual fashion trends. While the shoes that was sold by Chucks Taylor (who died in 1969) can be regarded as a vintage brand whose rights have been sold to Nike; Micheal Jordan who is still very much alive is stills experimenting with design styles. Chuck and Michael had something income and that was their ability to make a sport shoe become a fashion vogue in the 1900s.

Casual wears have always been in vogue since the mid-1800s especially with the invention jeans. People were looking for better ways to sly. Cow boy boots were relatively okay, but when The Converse Company (original owners of the Converse all-stars shoe) introduced their product, the world of fashion was changed for good. This shoe was not only been rocked in the basketball courts but was also rocked in the streets of America. This shoe which will eventually be popularly identified with Chuck Taylor became one of the most sold shoe of all time. Varying in colour and style, Chuck Taylor had to drop his professional basketball carrier and become the sales man and brand ambassador for the Converse all-stars chucks. Now a vintage brand that is now a franchise under the Nike brand; Chuck Taylor’s abilities as a fashion sales personnel has affected the fashion world beyond one century.

Approaching the late 1900s, Micheal Jordan was at the peak of his carrier and he got a shoe designed for him by Peter C Moore. Just like Chuck Taylor, Michael was just a basketball player and eventually became a sales man. At this time of the century, basketball boots were been changed from having flat shoe soles as designed in converse all-stars; to products that has better grip on the floor. Jordan’s Air Jordan was one of such basketball shoes that had this characteristics. Over time, these shoes which were primarily made to be sports shoes became the trendy fashion footwear among people. At this time fashionable tracksuits were not just rocked by sport men but was becoming part of the hiphop culture. This new dress sense which was rocked by men and ladies made the Nike Jordan shoes another brand that has shaped the casual wear industry.

In summary, Chuck Taylor and Michael Jordan who are basketball players and sales men ended up becoming the fashion influencers of their separate generation. The Chucks and Jordan foot wear are now more of fashion shoes than sports shoes because the above discussed sales personnel knew their job. Today, Nike Converse all-stars is vintage footwear while the Nike Jumpman Jordan series are also attaining vintage brand startus one by one.

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