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CKAY Boyfriend EP

Sometimes with the sounds created in Nigeria having same striking similarities, it is easy for one to wonder how a new sound will spring forth. In Nigeria new variations in sound have been coming out on a daily basis with Afro-fusion and Nigerian Alternate sound being the most recent form of Afropop sound created. With CKay and his new EP comes a new breed of sound which is a high breed of Alternate sound.

It is a sound which fuses Afrobeats and Ponpon beats with Latino sounds. He also fuses some Afro-Indie and Dark pop to his ponpon and Afrobeats sound. This makes him sound like Rema in in Bema and like Billie Eilish but with the Marachi and Afrobeats groove in it. Because of the Darkpop nature of his sound, most of his songs are mid tempo. This because even though it has to be draggy and slow, people still have to dace to it. This “Boyfriend EP” may become a popular amongst many especially ladies because of its high love lyrical content.


The album is a perfect love music compilation which lovers are really going to enjoy. But top of the list in terms of the sound, lyrics and possible positive reception from the public is the song titled “Skoin Skoin”. Closely following it are songs like “Felony” and “Jeje dey Whine”. These two songs will make a crowd groove gently because of the uniqueness in vocals and groove.

“Mezebu” might just become the only flop song on the album. But when one looks at the featured artist, you can hope it does not flop. But sound wise when compared to the other tracks on the album, it may flop.


Although a full list of the producers of this set of records are not known to us for now, we must acknowledge the creative prowess of the men and women behind this project. Afropop music have basic instrumental elements while Latino, Indian and Darkpop music genre all have basic musical elements. Although most of them are the same, the ability to keep the Afropop leads African with a little tweak in the Shakers to sound more Colombian than Nigerian in “Skoin Skoin” and “Jeje de Whine” is really nice.

One other notable production positive of this album is the way they coordinated the vocals of CKay. Being able to drag your words and vocal fades is just some real vocal directing. This can be heard in “Je Je Whine and Skoin Skoin” and we at cillacritic hear and love it.


The EP is an album themed on love songs. He uses the songs in this album to shed light on different feelings of being love struck. For example he sings about being madly in love with a lady called Isabella in a song that he titles “Isabella”. Stating that he fell in love with her on first sight, he ask himself if this is actually true love or just lust.

“Skoin Skoin” is a song which he sings about the kind of relationship with his love. According to him he loves her sometimes and hates her some other times. According to him his lady is just too much to handle because of the drama she exhibits. He uses a regular street slang: “Skoin Skoin” (meaning shaky or seasonal madness) to qualify the way she switches on and off on him. With the help of Bianca Costa he was album to bring the song home. “Felony” which is my personal best of the EP is a song which he uses to express he unwavering and undying love for his lover. He finishes off by calming that if loving her was a Felony then he does not mind sleeping in a cell.

CKAY Boyfriend EP

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